Australia is launching an application for tracing cases of coronavirus

L’Australie lance une application pour tracer les cas de coronavirus

SYDNEY | Australia has launched a smart phone application designed to track the contacts with persons diagnosed positive for the coronavirus, in order to break the chain of contamination, the authorities are trying to allay the concerns relating to the respect of private life.

The application called COVIDSafe uses Bluetooth technology and can also be consulted by the health authorities if one person is using may contract the disease.

The chief, health services australia, Brendan Murphy, has explained that this app would facilitate the task of the services trying to find all the people who have been less than 1.5 metre from a person infected with the virus.

“The app will give the list of phone numbers of those who are found at that distance for 15 minutes or more,” he explained.

“This may be to contact one of these contacts a day or two earlier than is currently possible.”

Australia are a little more than 6700 cases of COVID-19, a disease that has killed 83 people on the huge island continent. The number of new cases has declined significantly in recent times, with 16 new cases recorded on Sunday.

The health authorities argue that the massive use of the new application will lift some of the restrictions of movement and gathering ordered in the framework of the fight against the epidemic.

They explain that the app will become an effective tool from the time at which half of the population will use it. Its use is free and voluntary.

To reduce concerns relating to privacy, we can use the application under a false name, the police cannot use them in the framework of judicial investigations, and all information is automatically deleted after 21 days.

Singapore was a pioneer in the application of such a system is also under development in France, Germany or Great Britain.

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