Australia rejects China statement advising students to get there

L’Australie rejette la déclaration de la Chine déconseillant aux étudiants de s’y rendre

The authorities and the main australian universities have Wednesday rejected the declaration of the China advising its students to this country for study.

To justify this warning, the chinese ministry of Education has relied on Tuesday to “multiple cases of discrimination against Asians in Australia’ in favour of the outbreak of coronavirus, which appeared the end of 2019 in China.

This statement is made at the time when Beijing was very badly taken in April, the suggestion of Canberra to open an international investigation on the management by China of the appearance of the new coronavirus.

Beijing had reacted to that request by waving in a first time the threat of a boycott of australian produce by chinese consumers.

Since then, she has also advised its tourists and its students to go there.

The chinese students are by far the most numerous among foreigners studying in Australia, and they constitute a windfall to the universities in the country.

The australian minister of Education, Dan Tehan, has reacted to Wednesday, recalling that his country, multicultural, welcomed visitors from around the world.

Highlighting the way in which Australia has curbed the epidemic, he rejected the declaration of Beijing “, according to which Australia is a destination unsafe for foreign students”.

Vicki Thomson, executive director of the group of eight most prestigious universities of Australia, told AFP “be very concerned” if Beijing discourages its students to Australia.

“We have not received any evidence that problems of racial discrimination occur on our campus”, according to Ms Thomson, stressing that the campus was currently almost empty.

She also deplored the fact that the university sector is in the middle of these geopolitical tensions.

Australian universities are already facing huge losses, estimated at 10 billion euros, due to the lack of foreign students in the wake of the closure of the borders to fight against the coronavirus.

Last week, the chinese ministry of Tourism had invited its citizens to avoid travel in Australia.

On Monday, the chinese ministry of foreign Affairs had drawn up an alarming review of the situation of people of asian origin in the island-continent.

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