TENNIS The Canadian was not very fair play after his defeat in five sets against the Spaniard (6-3, 6-4, 4-6, 3-6, 6-3)

Australian Open: Shapovalov believes « 100% » that Nadal is favored by the referees after his defeat in the quarter-finals

Dennis Shapovalov can not digest his defeat against Nadal at the Australian Open. — William WEST/AFP

Call him Denis “yeah yeah” Shapovalov. Infoutu to carry the thrust at the beginning of the fifth inning against a visibly diminished Nadal; and touched physically, Denis Shapovalov, extremely nervous throughout the match, to the point of treating the referee Carlos Bernardes as corrupt for not having penalised. the Spaniard for his slowness in serve, hadn’t really taken off. in press conference.

The turtle Rafa at the service

“I think I misspoke. when I said he was corrupt. But I stay on my position. I think that's unfair. How many times Rafa gets away with (when serving) ? And to At the end of the fourth set, he leaves for a medical evaluation, and after the evaluation, he goes for a bathroom break. But how can you be assessed? medically and have a toilet break and cause so much delay in the game? For the same last year, I was not allowed to take a toilet break when I’ asked a medical examination.

The eternal controversy over the use of the medical break, one of Djokovic’s best tricks when his matches are off to a bad start. In short, instead of being angry with himself for his emotional mismanagement of key moments, Shapovalov got lost in his bad faith.  “I respect everything Rafa has done and I think he is an incredible player. But, you know, there have to be boundaries, set rules. It’s so frustrating as a player. You know, you feel like you're not just playing against the player; you're playing against the refs, you're playing against so many more.” one last time on the sore question, something along the lines of “Do you think Nadal has an advantage? for what he has done in his career?” one line. “Of course. À 100%. Every other game I've played, the pace has been off. very fast because the referees were looking at the clock after each point.” Will have to pass to; something else Denis.