Austria: a man dressed as A shark arrested because of the law against the wearing of the veil

Protesters against the law prohibiting the full veil in Vienna, on October 1, 2017. — GEORG HOCHMUTH / APA / AFP

A man was fined 150 euros on Friday in Vienna, simply because it was disguised as a shark. The last one had been hired to dance in front of the entrance of a new computer store and attract customers.

However, since October 1, a law prohibiting them from having the face hidden in public (or ” anti-burqa “) came into force in Austria and the mascot with the face covered by the head of the shark, therefore, has been challenged by the forces of law and order.

“It would be a shame that there are more mascots”

The officers asked him to remove his mask so that his face be uncovered, that the man refused to do : “I’m doing my job, here,” he reportedly said to the agents, as reported by the austrian newspaper Heute. The police were then summoned to return to his home, not without the be sentenced to pay a fine of 150 euros.

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