Autograph “Iron man” and a selfie with Groot: Nur-Sultan gathered superheroes



Autograph “Iron man”, a selfie with Groot from “Guardians of the Galaxy” or Daenerys Stormborn – Nur-Sultan gathered superheroes from different Universes. The city hosts the festival of the comics industry. Event for the “Geek Universe” is very significant. The correspondent of “MIR 24” Sabi Baibusinov met with the authors of comics.

The legendary “Game of thrones”, the universe of “marvel” with its superheroes, kings, princesses, orcs and characters from famous cartoons – all mixed up. These days the capital of Kazakhstan turned into a fabulous galaxy. Such large-scale event, which brought together the fantastic characters of the sagas, there has never been.

There are dozens of different platforms: here will present new episodes of the beloved fantasy series, meet famous comic bloggers show you how to create your own comic and make the reader worry for the characters.

“First and foremost, it is necessary that the authors of the comics were sincere, so the story like them,” – said the author of the comic Madibek Musabekov.

In another area is a tournament for video games. On the first day of virtual competitions made 64 gamers, some of them quite famous in their circles. So they turn to each other exclusively by nicknames.
“Now we have a tournament in two disciplines – Mortal Kombat and Dota Auto. They are very popular. They have a huge history. Here there are a lot of people dressed as video game characters data”, – said the organizer of Michael moon.

Well, a comic book festival without competition cosplayers. So call those transforms to the images of your favorite movie and cartoon characters. But the suit is only part of the image. The main thing is to convey the character of the hero and show his patterns.
“To be reborn as Daenerys Stormborn was easy. When I first watched the series and saw this image, had imbued him with. She is very beautiful, spectacular, interesting,” said cosplayer Emilia Trotsenko.
The theme of “Game of thrones” does not end here. Special guest comic cona will be the star of the series is Danish actor Saw Asbeck, the role of Euron Greyjoy. In General, meet the stars of the industry has become the main feature of the festival. On the first day it was visited by over five thousand people.
This event is held in Kazakhstan for the first time. To visit the festival until the end of the weekend.