Autolithic: how to make life easier for the driver in the winter

In the winter the car needs special care, otherwise there will be more problems than good.

Автолайфхаки: як полегшити життя водія взимку

In the winter the car needs special care, otherwise there will be more problems than good. Often in the winter, motorists are faced with the freezing of door locks and seals. How to deal with this phenomenon that would “do no harm”? Water gets into the lock and seals on car doors for many different reasons. For example, poor drying cars at the car wash, due to the difference of temperatures in the cabin and on the street, through a temperature jump. In winter the water freezes, creating a driver a lot of problems, informs Rus.Media.

If frozen castle

The freezing of the lock is impossible to try to turn the key in the lock by force, to pour on the lock boiling water, to breathe on the lock, heat the key with a lighter. By such action the situation will only worsen.

If you want to “warm up” key, instead of lighters, use a special keychain-osmoregulate. This device is safer and more efficient. Anyway, the ice castle melts almost instantly.

If there is no other way, it is possible to use, for example, a tie-clip. One end is inserted into the lock, and the second is heated with a lighter. Be careful not to damage the paint.

You can also resort to special fluids for defrosting locks (it contains alcohol). Better to take the spray, because it is inexpensive and works quickly.

If freeze seals

You could turn the key in the lock, but the door never opened? Then freeze the rubber seals. In this case, no need to pull the door, hoping that they will open. Need to be more “gentle”. Remove first the ice from the door, then a little knock on the door, click on it. That’s usually when the doors open. If failed, then use the alcohol-containing liquid or grease to lubricate the edges of the doors and seals.


To avoid these problems in advance and take preventive measures. The seals must be in good condition, free of dirt and debris. Lubricate them, for example, a generic silicone grease. The same oil can be processed and the door lock (just use the key). In the winter, before you close the door, leave them for some time open. Don’t forget it is also good to wipe the seals after the machine contact with moisture.

Agree, there is nothing complicated. Just don’t forget about prevention if you don’t have a heated garage or you do not put the car in heated Parking.