Avalanche: Sylvain Lefebvre thank Uwe Krupp

Avalanche: Sylvain Lefebvre remercie Uwe Krupp

The Quebec Sylvain Lefebvre was on the ice, to Miami, when his partner on the blue line Uwe Krupp scored in the third period of an extension at the fourth and last match of the final of 1996. A magical moment of satisfaction and… relief.

The Colorado Avalanche was as well face the Panthers of Florida, and Lefebvre won and this was his one and only Stanley cup in his career.

“I watched a clip on YouTube Thursday night, and my children have a good laugh seeing me jump for joy on the ice,” is added to clarify Lefebvre, who is currently confined in the family in the Cantons-de-l’est, his native region.

Of course, Lefebvre does not pass its confinement viewing its achievements of the past, but a few interviews in the margins of the dissemination of this conquest, Saturday nights, on TVA Sports, has inevitably plunged back into his memories.

“We were excited that it’s finally, confessed Lefebvre, laughing. When you find yourself in the third overtime period, when the Stanley Cup final, it becomes very hard physically.”

This evening, June 10, 1996, in Florida, the guardian of Panthers John Vanbiesbrouk had blocked the 55 first shots of the Avalanche before giving up against Krupp. On his side, Patrick Roy was pushed out in a little over 104 minutes, 63 washers directed towards him in a victory of 1 to 0.

Pass close

For Lefebvre, this Stanley cup win with the Avalanche remains a nice balm on his career as a player, but he can’t help but think that it passed close to the coveted trophy on several occasions.

“We came very close several times, he noted. In my final year at Colorado, he had this loss against the Dallas Stars.”

Question to recall the facts, the Avalanche was in the final of the Association of the West against the Dallas Stars. Lefebvre and his teammates were leading 3-2 in this series, and then they lost the last two duels.

Appointments missed against the CH

Another painful memory for Lefebvre goes back to 1993. During the previous year, the Canadian had thought it wise to exchange the quebec defender to the Toronto Maple Leafs in return for a choice of the third round.

If the CH has won the Stanley Cup in 1993, the Leafs had suffered defeat in seven games, in conference finals against the Los Angeles Kings.

“It made me really hurt, because I knew already, before the end of the series against the Kings, that Montreal was qualified, recalled Lefebvre. I so badly wanted to play this final against my former teammates.”


The native of la Belle Province had grown up with many of them in the organization of the Habs, especially with Canadians of Sherbrooke in the american hockey League. The Stephan Lebeau, Benoit Brunet, and Jean-Jacques Daignault, among others.

In the end, Lefebvre remains a Stanley Cup champion thanks to the conquest of 1996 with the Avalanche. And he has to be proud of, even if his children and grand-children will laugh at a little bit of his reaction on the goal of Krupp.

This meeting between the Avalanche and the Panthers concluded the week of the “quebec champions of the Stanley Cup” to TVA Sports. In the course of the next week, we will propose instead, the five games of the playoff series 1982 between the Canadian and the Quebec Nordiques.

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