Average salary of Ukrainians returned to the level of the beginning of the summer

Средняя зарплата украинцев вернулась на уровень начала лета

Salary is far below the peak reached before the parliamentary elections

The average nominal wage of regular workers of enterprises, institutions and organizations of Ukraine in October 2019 10727 amounted to UAH, having increased in comparison with October of last year by 16.4%.

However, the level of wages is still below the peak reached in July (10 UAH 971)

According to the statistical Agency, real wages (adjusted for inflation) in October 2019 to October last year grew by 9.2%.

The highest salaries were in October in Kiev – 15862 UAH, the lowest – in Kherson region – UAH 8277. In most areas, the salary ranges from 8000 to 9000 UAH.

Most get a salary in the area of “Financial and insurance activities” – 19571 UAH, the lowest – “health and social care provision” – 7002 UAH and “Temporary accommodation and food” – 7030 UAH.

We will remind, the draft state budget for 2020 is calculated according to the realistic Scenario 1, the economy Ministry, according to which the economy will grow by 3.7%.

According to the forecast, the growth rate of real wages (adjusted for inflation) will slow to 10.1% in 2020, 7.5% in 2021 and to 7.2% in 2022. At the same time in 2018 the increase amounted to 12.5%, and in 2019 it will be at the level of 11.1%.

The Cabinet of Ministers predicts that the average monthly wage of employees, gross, is as follows: 12 497 UAH in 2020, 14 UAH 187 in 2021 and 16 014 in 2022.

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