Avoid Spoilers for Escape Hour

 It is either you will do it or you won’t. It is all about the joys of trying to do it since you know you would not want to feel that you let your team down at the end of the game. No matter how much you would want to win, you will be wasting your money if you look at spoilers. This game is all about giving you an unforgettable experience and that won’t happen if you check spoilers. IN fact, if you see someone post spoilers before you put your things in the locker escape room Edmonton, better tell the staff of Escape Hour so they could make a few adjustments.

Better expect that they know one way or the other that some people are bound to leak spoilers online. Of course, they have no right to make them remove it since we all live in a free country and we can do whatever we want. The only thing they can do is to change a few things to the game. Even if the game is in progress, they can still change it. One example would be to change the tasks or invert them. When that happens, the person who got the spoiler would be pretty confused.

Another way to avoid spoilers would be to deactivate from social media for a bit then go back to it when the quest game is over. It will be worth it but don’t even think about posting spoilers because you would not want to ruin the excitement for other people. It would be awesome if you can just enjoy the game and let everyone do the same. Besides, your friends won’t know who is going to Escape Hour so they would not mind posting spoilers so better avoid it altogether.

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