Avril Lavigne caught kissing with her lover

Аврил Лавин застали за поцелуями со своим возлюбленным

33-year-old singer managed to be married twice. For the first time Avril Lavigne has gone under the crown in 2006. Then elect the popular blonde was a canadian colleague and leader of the rock band “Sum 41” Derek Wible. However, the American couldn’t deal with alcohol dependence beloved, so the couple broke up in 2010. Later performer of the hit “Girlfriend” had an affair with Chad Kroeger of Nickelback. By the way, he is also the leader and founder of the famous rock band “Nickelback”. And in 2013 happy Avrli again became the lawful wife. However, celebrity has filed for divorce after only 2 years.

For the past 5 years, the American singer did not give interviews, not attending social events, and did not please fans with new tracks. But it now appears that Lavin was able to find inspiration. After all, the blonde not only recorded a new album, but had an affair with the heir to billions of dollars. Writes storinka.com.ua first Avril and Phillip Sarofim were spotted together in March of this year. And yesterday, lovers kissed, sitting in one of the cafes in the area of Beverly hills.

It should be noted that the chosen star of the scene is the heir of a large construction company, which is now headed by the father of 32-year-old Phillip. By the way, earlier the businessman was already married. According to Western media, the successor of the billionaire took to wife Lori Kroner in 2014. The ceremony took place in the Hawaiian Islands. However, until now it is unknown when the couple filed for divorce. It is noteworthy that the father Serafima has an Egyptian aristocratic roots, and also owns the largest construction company in the state of Texas. However, the blonde still carefully concealing the relationship, however, it seems, the new album from Avril Lavigne will be more romantic, than at the dawn of her career.

Аврил Лавин застали за поцелуями со своим возлюбленным


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