“AvtoVAZ” has announced a complete halt of production

«АвтоВАЗ» объявил о полной остановке производства

The company “AVTOVAZ” has announced a complete halt car production at plants in Togliatti and Izhevsk from-for failure of deliveries of components. The conveyors will stop on 3 July, according to RBC.

The details had to do with the Nizhny Novgorod OOO “Zavod Avtokomponent”. The representative of “AVTOVAZ” told the media that the company did everything possible to avoid this situation. In addition, every effort will be taken for early resumption of production, however, the launch date of the pipeline is not yet known.

The company also noted that it reserves the right to charge the supplier for losses incurred due to downtime. The forced suspension of production, according to representatives of “AVTOVAZ” will not affect the availability of Lada cars from dealers because the inventory of machines, according to analysts, should cover one or two months of sales. At the same should be enough stocks of “AVTOVAZ”. That is, for at least two months you can safely buy the cars.

In the group of companies “Autocomponent” said that the termination of the supply of components caused by the inconsistency of their value. The current prices do not cover the costs.

We will add, the first enterprise of the group of companies “Autocomponent” company was founded in 1999. It currently produces more than 1500 kinds of products.