Azerbaijan started the construction of the railway Baku – Gabala

PHOTO : / Svetlana Rodina


New high-speed train will soon connect the capital of Azerbaijan North of the country. Began the construction of the railway Baku – Gabala. This event was waiting for locals and tourists. Because the Qabala is one of the popular resorts in the country. The correspondent of TV channel “MIR 24” Zaur Mustafayev monitors the progress of work.

Omer from Turkey, drinking tea with friends from Gabala. Goes not to visit often to get uncomfortable.

“First, I fly from Ankara to Baku. Then get on the bus. Tired uncomfortable to sit still for four hours. It would be nice straight to the train ride,” says a tourist from Turkey Omar Outturn.

That between Baku and Gabala cruised train, dreams not only of the Omer. That rail links to the resort is necessary, I’m sure the President of the Republic. At the end of last year, Ilham Aliyev ordered the construction of the Baku – Gabala.

“First, the engineers and geologists make up the design of the road, on paper, indicate what length it will have, and through which the settlements take place”, – says the engineer Fuad Mehdiyev.

Mound for a future railway in the area of the laki – Gabala already prepared. Its length is 20 miles.

“To prepare the first layer – the so-called “cushion” – we use the crushed gravel. It is more durable and stronger than the usual earth and sand, which is used in the standard construction of the railway”, – said the Builder Rahim Yunusov.

18 kilometers of the road passes through areas with difficult terrain. To shorten the route, the professionals had to cut through a tunnel in the rock. To complete the first section of the rail way builders promise to the end of the year.

For the year Gabala visited by an average of 300 thousand tourists. Mostly from Russia and Turkey.