Babies of a pandemic: to see their little girl in turn because of the sanitary measures

Les bébés de la pandémie: voir leur fillette à tour de rôle en raison des mesures sanitaires

A man whose spouse has given birth prematurely can not share with her the first moments of the life of their child, because of the pandemic.

The day of 26 April, took a turn quite unexpected by Maxime Bérubé and his lover, Elizabeth Bolduc.

After going to the hospital in the morning because she was complaining of stomach pains, Mrs. Bolduc, pregnant of 32 weeks and two days, has lost its waters in his living room.

While waiting for the ambulance, a man of 25 years has had to conduct himself in the confinement of his wife, with the help of the emergency services operator.

At the time little Emma utter his first cry, the health workers arrived at his home.

“Looking back today, I don’t know how I managed to keep my composure,” says the new dad of Quebec, laughing.

In an incubator

Since then, the small must remain in an incubator at the hospital until she is strong enough to survive outside.

Already that the situation weighs, the two new parents can’t go see it at the same time because of sanitary measures.

“My wife tells me sometimes Emma takes her thumb when she goes to see her. It is hard because I can’t share the first moments of my daughter with it, ” said Mr. Bérubé.

Moreover, it is impossible to take a photo or video of their child in the incubator, and present it to their families.

“It’s difficult, but it is necessary to pass the crisis. After that, we will have our time to see it grow, “concedes the one who will soon call” dad “.

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