Back in class: the trade unions call for protection equipment

Retour en classe: les syndicats réclament de l’équipement de protection

The teachers will be less well protected than the cashiers at the grocery store when back in class in two weeks, denouncing the unions that represent them.

Unlike the CPE, the minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, has rejected the idea of imposing to require the wearing of protective equipment, such as masks, for the primary teachers who will come back soon in class. “We don’t have a recommendation as to the effect of imposing a protective equipment to female and male teachers in our schools,” he said in the press conference on Monday.

His remarks pushed the teachers ‘ unions. “You’re going to tell me that a toddler of four years in a CPE is different from that in a kindergarten classroom for 4 years?”, lance the president of the Federation of trade unions of education, Josée Scalabrini.

“We want the same protective equipment as there will be in the CPE,” she continues. If the public health [believes] that there was a need for this safety equipment in the CPE, for us, it is necessary to have also in the schools.” Children of six or seven years old do not follow the instructions and go spontaneously towards adults, shows-t-it.

As the supermarket

“He must not know the reality of a class to claim that teachers do not need protective equipment. It will not happen! The profs are going to go back and are going to be equipped. For us, it is a must”, stresses the president of the autonomous Federation of teachers (FAE), Sylvain Mallette.

The union leader points out that class actions are possible under the standards of the work. “You go into a supermarket, and the cashiers, to reason, is protected by a sheet of Plexiglas, and the profs would not need protective equipment? This is a non-sense,” he says.

Just as Mrs. Scalabrini, he avoids, however, draw up a specific list of the necessary equipment. “As the reality can be different from one medium to another, it is necessary that the material adapts to these realities there,” said Sylvain Mallette.

In addition to the masks, he pointed out that Quebec must specify how often the facilities will be cleaned.

Sylvain Mallette, however, refuses to say if the FAE will invite its members to boycott the class back if the hardware protection is not provided. “When we moved there, we will not shy away to say it,” he says.

The minister, he said, “will have two weeks to think about it and meet the conditions, the resources, to provide for the teachers the equipment they need”.

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