Back in the classroom that may be different depending on the age

The health measures surrounding the return to the classroom may vary according to the age of the students, those at the primary level are even less at risk than those of the secondary.

At least that is what was stated by the minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, actors in the education system on Friday, according to our information.

The guidelines of social distancing may therefore be different, as well as the maintenance of a distance of two metres could be required at the secondary, but not primary, ” says one.

Maintaining a distance between the young children would remain in any way difficult, or even impossible to enforce, it is argued in the education network.

In the school care emergency open currently, the groups are small, but no social distancing is not imposed.

The teachers first

Teachers may also be called upon to return to their class before their students, in order to properly prepare for their arrival. The safety could also change over a number of weeks, said.

This return to school has aroused a lot of questions in the ranks of the teachers, who are wondering if the school network will be able to put in place all measures recommended by the public health in all institutions.

The last few weeks have shown that the directives from above were not always able to be met in the establishments of health, stresses Josée Scalabrini, president of the Federation of trade unions of education.

“What is it that we are told they will be able to do in education what they have not been able to do in health ?” she says.

For its part, the autonomous Federation of education would like to remind that all these children can infect adults.

“We know that children develop little disease. But they can be asymptomatic carriers, and the children are exposed to adults. We seem to forget sometimes, ” says its president, Sylvain Mallette.

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