Back in the classroom under the sign of the adjustment region

Retour en classe sous le signe de l’adaptation en région

Thousands of children across Quebec will return Monday on the school bench under the sign of the adaptation.

Desks are spaced two meters apart from each other, reducing the number of students, hand sanitizer, masks and visors made available to the teachers and marking the floor in the corridors are part of the measures taken by the various schools.

“Ms. Alexandra here in the class has established a small section of the other side of the library to make the juggling and do maybe yoga activities. I think it is to use its strengths for the benefit of the students while providing the academic content to the students,” says Sophie Turgeon, director of the école Saint-Joseph in Lévis, south of Quebec city.

Moreover, as the physical education classes will not be allowed, teachers will be reassigned to classes of fourth and fifth year. The gym has been converted into a warehouse.

“We had to ask our physical education teacher, to become a holder of the fourth-fifth year,” attests Ms. Turgeon.

What’s more, the library has been réimaginée in the classroom.

For Marie-Michelle Mercier, one of the teachers who will return to work, the return will be synonymous with acclimation.

“I try to stay zen,” she said. Honestly, I think it will be to adapt over days and weeks. But yes, there is a little stress. The virus, it’s scary, but I think that we really put the package on the precautions.”

The recreation also represents a logistical challenge. Despite the closure of facilities, the management wants all the same allow the students to have fun.

“Balls, balls, ropes, dance, everything that can be cleaned easily we will be able to use it. Should still allow children to play and move. They are still children, it should not be forgotten,” said Sophie Turgeon.

Finally, the significant reduction in the number of children permitted at the same time in the bus so that the drivers will need to make several trips back and forth. Some routes have been doubled.

The institution will conduct a back to school progressive which runs from Monday to Wednesday. Most young people will be the first to make a comeback in the classroom.

Finally, please remember that the school children of the metropolitan community of Montreal may not return to school prior to may 25, Quebec who have pushed back the original date.

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