Back, Johnson called the British to stay indoors

De retour, Johnson appelle les Britanniques à rester confinés

LONDON | back to the orders of the british government after his convalescence, Boris Johnson has called on Monday the British to continue to meet the containment, although the curve of the pandemic, “starting to turn” in the United Kingdom.

One month after having been declared positive, the COVID-19 and two weeks after his release from the hospital, the prime minister of 55 years, spoke to the 10, Downing Street.

In the Face of pressure that ascends to outline a strategy déconfinement, he understood “the impatience” of the population, called to stay home since the 23rd of march and promised decisions “in the coming days” on how to adapt to the future, the measures put in place to address a crisis that lasts. But he warned that there was a need in the state keep the containment in place until at least 7 may, at the risk of an upsurge.

“We’re now starting to reverse the trend,” said Boris Johnson, thanking his countrymen for their “common sense” and their “spirit of community”.

“I know it is difficult. And I want to move the economy forward as quickly as possible, but I refuse to spoil the efforts and sacrifices of the british people and risking a second major epidemic,” added the prime minister.

With 20 732 deaths in hospitals in the United Kingdom is one of the countries most severely affected in Europe by the new coronavirus. The balance sheet looks even more heavy with the deaths in retirement homes, which account for thousands according to the stakeholders of the sector.

During the daily press conference in Downing Street on Sunday, the minister of the Environment George Eustice has seen “encouraging signs”.

In very sharp decline, the last balance sheet date release Sunday identified 413 additional deaths in hospital, the lowest number in nearly a month.

But in the absence of treatment, and no vaccine that can be hoped at least before the end of the year, the road looks even longer before turning the page of the pandemic.

“Discussion between adults”

The United Kingdom is at a “delicate and dangerous”, stressed Sunday the minister of foreign Affairs Dominic Raab, who has replaced Boris Johnson during his absence.

The government is divided, according to the press, some heavyweights are worried about the consequences, social, but also health, a confinement too strict on the length. And the prime minister will be asked to resolve.

Hospitalized for a week in London, Boris Johnson was in recovery since April 12, in the governmental residence of Chequers. During this period, the country found itself confronted with what scientists believe to be the peak of the pandemic, and his government’s many critics.

The leading conservative has spent three days in intensive care. A period of time during which things “could very well have to switch,” said Boris Johnson, commending the staff of the public service of british health, the NHS, in which it “must life”.

“Impatient” to meet with the prime minister in a approach that it wishes to constructive, the leader of the opposition labour party, Keir Starmer, gave this weekend a letter in which he reiterates his criticism.

According to the new boss of the Plough, of the “errors” have been committed and the government has been “too slow”, whether it be on containment, detection or protection equipment which are badly needed as caregivers, but also retirement homes.

The British “have made great sacrifices to ensure that the containment functions,” he gazouillé, “they deserve to take part in a discussion between adults on the result”.

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