Back to school: end of the recess for the students

Retour à l'école: fin de la récréation pour les élèves

Genevieve Lajoie

The small school children will be able to resume the path of classes as of may 11, a week later, in the montreal region. If the doors of secondary schools to remain closed until September, the teen will not be provided on holidays by the end of the school year.

The minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge (left), and minister of the Family, Mathieu Lacombe, shortly before the press conference Monday in Quebec city, during which they have lifted the veil on the steps of the déconfinement schools and childcare services.

Primary students can start to follow the instruction of their teacher in the classroom and see their friends in the context of a back-to-school is not compulsory.

But attention : the set of social distancing of two metres shall be applied as far as possible and the groups will count fifteen children maximum.


The government will not provide a mask to the teachers, but they can wear a version craft if they wish.

François Legault was also “highly recommended” to parents with chronic diseases or whose children have fragile health to keep them at home.

If the primary school students will be able to find a life a little more normal soon, this is not the case of the youth in high schools, cegeps and universities.

  • The youth will have to resign themselves to being confined to a time and to return to the path of the classes only in September.
  • Minister Jean-François Roberge had a message for them : “It is not true to say that the year is completed in high school, and then it doesn’t count anymore. The teachers are not on leave of absence, and students who are not more, ” he said Monday.

A speech that contrasts with the one adopted in mid-march. It was then compared to the confinement of the “vacation” since the school work were optional.

  • School attendance will remain mandatory, even if the youth will not be physically in the classroom.
  • The parents do not have to be a substitute for teachers, but they have the responsibility to assist their teens, has notified the minister of Education. “I ask them to coach their teenagers as they follow the training, so that they will do the work and readings.”
  • College and university students will take their courses at a distance until the fall session.


The prime minister has reported that this plan is not cast in concrete and will depend on the state of spread of the virus in the coming weeks.

The return to school shall be on an ” if and only if the situation remains as [it is] now “, he insisted.

Several reasons justify this back in the classroom, particularly to ensure that young people with learning difficulties ” do not stay for six months without being gone to school “.

Unlike last week, François Legault no longer summon the herd immunity, are put in doubt by Ottawa and the world health Organization.


Childcare services will also be opened up gradually their doors.

  • As of 4 may, in addition to essential workers, the profs will be able to send their toddlers. Other professions will be added progressively to the list over the next weeks issue to keep an occupancy rate of the facilities is relatively low (around 30 %).
  • Unlike the teachers, the educators will be required to wear a mask since social distancing is almost impossible with young children. The protective equipment will be provided by the government.
  • François Legault and Dr. Horacio Arruda have warned Quebecers that, despite this operation of déconfinement gradual, the gatherings are prohibited, and respecting the health remains of paramount importance.

Dates to remember


Monday, may 11,

  • Reopening of primary schools, except those of the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM).

Tuesday, may 19,

  • Reopening of primary schools on the territory of the CMM.


  • The secondary schools do will re-open before the new school year in September.


Monday, may 4,

  • Care services emergency will be extended to parents who work in the education network.

Monday, may 11,

  • Everywhere in Québec except in the Montréal area, parents whose employment is considered a priority
    will start to send their children
    to the daycare.

Tuesday, may 19,

  • Parents whose employment is considered a priority, which reside in the Montreal area, in turn, may start to send their children to daycare.

The list of job priority will then be expanded gradually according to the recovery of economic sectors.

Mixed reactions to the plan from Quebec city

Unions, parents, transporters and opposition are questioning and are concerned about the implementation of the plan back in the classroom.

How will we arrive at a ratio of 15 students per class ? What additional teachers will have to be made ? What premises will be used if there is already a lack of space ?

– Veronique Hivon, Parti quebecois

The teachers are going to go back and be fitted. […] You go into a supermarket and the cashiers are protected by a sheet of plexiglas, and the profs would not need protective equipment ?

– Sylvain Mallette, autonomous Federation of teachers

We had asked for a clear plan and comprehensive : we are far from it ! […] There are too many details not addressed or taken into account in order for us to be comfortable.

– Consolidation of the committees of parents of the school boards of Laval and Montreal

There are some who have tested the products in Perspex to see how it could be install in the bus. The truth is that we are waiting for clear guidelines.

– Luc Lafrance, Federation of carriers by bus

There have been more questions raised by the population and the responses received. For parents, it is difficult to determine if they return their children to school.

– Marwah Rizqy, the Quebec liberal Party

He had to do something. We can’t let the children in a “no man’s land” for two years. There are children who eat more at school than at home.

– Hélène Bourdages, montreal Association of school principals school



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