Back to the game: the president of the NHLPA is taking a cautious

Retour au jeu: le président de l'AJLNH se montre prudent

If the commissioner of the national hockey League (NHL), Gary Bettman, was optimistic with regard to its plan to return to the game, his counterpart from the players ‘ Association, Donald Fehr, who has been rather cautious.

“I don’t know. I can’t give you a probability, he explained, Tuesday, on TVA Sports. Our job is to put a plan in execution only if the circumstances allow. You can’t wait until we are given the green light. It should be ready.

“There are still details to fine tune so that the return-to-play is realized and it is necessary to come to an agreement on all issues.”

This means that the two camps cannot agree on a major point?

“I would not say that there is a bone of contention that must be settled, said Fehr. We just need to continue to implement security protocols. It is necessary that all have the same level of comfort needed to move forward.

“We also need to agree with the league on important clauses, such as the date of the draft, the compensation and the contract negotiations this summer. There are major implications on the financial plan also.

“The first concern, if we are willing to return to the game, it is to know if it is feasible.”

Another issue raised by the players, is that they are reluctant to take time away from their family. Is it possible that they do not see their loved ones for several months with the current plan?

“I think that it could be weeks and not months, he says. If the camps are held, they will be held in the cities of the clubs. Then, all will in a city. Only the teams that advance will remain there.

“We hope that there will be breaks and opportunities for families to get together. It is part of the details that we need to negotiate.”

In addition, Fehr said that the extension of the present collective agreement has been negotiated in the course of the last year, “but that the coronavirus has imposed complications in our approach”.

“We need to maneuver through the obstacles. Is it possible that we can fix everything? Yes it is possible, but I would not say that it is insured.”

It is not impossible that some of the players ‘ statistics are compiled, such as those of a regular season, during a period which would be identified.

Alex Ovechkin will he have, his 50th goal, who is only a trickle of this plateau?

“This is not decided. There are transition rules that will have to be negotiated,” says Fehr.

“This is an interesting question and I’m sure many have interesting points of views that will be taken into consideration.”

Trophies of the season

If the statistics of the regular season were final, here is what would be the winners of the various trophies.

  • The trophy of the presidents : Boston Bruins – ,714
  • Trophy Maurice Richard : David Pastrnak (Bruins) and Alexander Ovechkin (Washington Capitals – 48 goals
  • Trophy-Art Ross : Leon Draisaitl (Edmonton Oilers) – 110 points
  • Trophy William M. Jennings : Tuukka Rask and Jaroslav Halak (Bruins) – 174 goals allowed
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