Bad signs that warn about the danger

Few people know that the fate of every day trying to protect us from all ills, and gave us certain signs.

Погані прикмети, які попереджають про небезпеку

When life happens trouble, many of us tend to complain about his fate is misfortune, accusing him of all their troubles. But few know that the fate of every day trying to protect us from all ills, and gave us certain signs. There are a few signs that peredut unhappiness and failure. And every once in a while to pay attention to what is happening around, you can protect yourself from all the trouble, reports Rus.Media.

So what are the warning signs of danger?

If the stopped wrist watch is a bad omen. On this day, do not let anyone to borrow money, or later will not be able to return them. Even if you succeed, the relationship with the borrower will be ruined.

If suddenly broke transport on which you are riding, it is a warning that it is not necessary in this day to solve the financial problems. Give up the idea to take a loan to invest, sign contracts and make major purchases. All monetary transactions will fail and will deliver in the future a lot of problems.

If during the day you often caught the eye of humpback hunched people or the elderly, then in the evening you are in danger. It is not necessary in this day to visit linger long on the job. After sunset don’t leave home. A high probability that you will become a victim of the swindler or a robber.

Flowed on the job ballpoint pen — a bad omen. It is a warning that you should not break to a new position and to speak on this subject with authority. Otherwise, you could damage the relationship with your supervisor.

If the eye often come across cars with the numbers of three identical figures, then that’s a bad sign. On this day, and in the near future, you should not take any serious decisions. Major purchases, financial transactions, a proposal of marriage, important meetings, travel, and other serious issues need to be postponed.

If you constantly catch the eye flocks of sparrows, this sign warns you of danger on the road. All travel should be. It is also recommended to be careful with money and health.

Everything goes wrong, nothing happens — a bad omen. Carefully watch your belongings, or you can just Rob.

If the house began to die flowers, often inadvertently Cutlery, quickly burn out light bulbs and broken appliances is a warning that someone in your family needs your help. Be more careful with your family is probably one of them is in a difficult situation, but he cannot ask you for help.

If you are late for an important meeting, but I can’t get to the right place (the car broke down or long rides public transportation), it’s bad luck. On this day you must set aside your schedule, otherwise you might happen.

If you can not find the house keys before an important meeting or event they are, then you should exercise extra caution. Preferably it is better to postpone all plans. If you need to get where you are going, you will careful in dealing with people. It is not necessary in this day to trust anyone and to make serious decisions.

Often, fate is harsh and unfair. But all her nasty gifts are just a consequence of what actions we make. Often listen to your intuition and learn to read the signs of destiny, then all the trouble will bypass you party.

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