Badawi on a list of royal pardon

Hope is reborn: Raïf Badawi finds himself “for the first time” on a royal pardon list in Saudi Arabia. If so, he could be released from prison and could eventually reach Canada – especially Sherbrooke, where his wife and two children are waiting for him.

“This is the first time that I am told that Raif is in the King’s forgiveness lists. The government had long said that Raif’s (judicial) case was not closed, “said his wife Ensaf Haidar.

The blogger’s wife, who has been languishing in prison for five and a half years, believes that this time could be the right one, with the coming to power of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has undertaken reforms in the Saudi kingdom.

“This is now the best time because the situation (politics in the kingdom) has changed,” she says.

“It has become more modern. This is the word used by Emir Mohammed bin Salman, that Saudi Arabia will change its governance, that it will become a modern governance, “said Ms. Haidar.

So, she has hope. A lot of hope.

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