Badminton: Chantal Jobin at the head of the Red and Gold

Badminton: Chantal Jobin à la tête du Rouge et Or

Chantal Jobin is the new coach-head of the program of badminton on the Red and Gold of the University Laval.

The news was confirmed yesterday after a hiring process that stretched over nearly two months. Back in Quebec city for a little over a year after having spent 35 years in Western canada, where it has evolved within the national program to Calgary and worked as a coach in British Columbia, Jobin succeeded to Étienne Couture, who has resigned after having held the reins of the Red and Gold for 14 years.

“I am very honored and it is almost not explainable, has entrusted to the one who has led the program of study in sport in the last year on his return to Quebec. It is a dream come true. It’s going faster than expected because it went well with Stephen and I didn’t think he was going to leave. The process has been long and it was difficult to expect what was going to happen. I have a good thought for the other candidates.”

Three factors

Jobin believes that three factors have played in its favour. “My experience as a player on the international scene is a factor that was difficult to counter, explained the one who has reached the 14th largest in the world by double, and the 51st position in singles at the peak of his career. I’ve also had many, many success as a coach at Douglas College, [British Columbia], where we have won ten national titles. I also had a lot of success with the sports program. Our young people have reached the provincial finals in the U-15, U-17 and U-19 even if they were far in the standings early in the season. This was a team effort.”

“These young people have a heart of a lion and a great attitude, to continue Jobin. I’ll keep a benevolent eye on the sport-studies because I am attached to. As for the players of the university team, I worked with them a little in the last year and I have identified some areas to work on.”

Jobin will attempt to match the styles of the west and the east of the country. “In Quebec, the players are very strong technically. In the West, the volume is very high and the training very intense. I want to marry the two worlds.”

Thought for Jean-Claude Laprise

When she received the good news, Jobin had a good thought for Jean-Claude Laprise. Leading Figure of the badminton in the region of Quebec for many years, Laprise had initiated Jobin at badminton while she was a student at the polyvalente La Camaradière.

“He has done so much for the badminton Quebec. I often think of him because it is thanks to him if I played badminton. Like him, I think a lot of the rehearsals in order to develop the automation and I have kept some of his stuff for the game at the net, a facet in which he was very good. Like him, I try to be creative.”

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