[BALADO] The paid zone: COVID-19 is coming to the Titans

[BALADO] The paid zone: COVID-19 is coming to the Titans

Already the third week of activities in the NFL was not lacking in twists and spectacular performances, here is that week 4 begins on a more worrying note with eight new cases of COVID-19 among the Tennessee Titans. The The Pay Zone podcast takes a look at the issue to examine the potential impacts of the virus, in addition to reviewing the significant events of the past few days and setting the stage for future duels.

Five Titans staff and three players have tested positive for COVID, which does not bode well ahead of their game next Sunday against the Steelers. The whole organization is forced into isolation, far from the team's facilities, until Saturday. The consequences are the same for the Minnesota Vikings, who were their hosts on Sunday, but who have not yet identified any cases.

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In this context, should we fear for the good progress of the rest of the season in the NFL?

Elsewhere in the league, cookie-cutter lifts have once again filled the news. Coaches find themselves in more danger than ever.

The Monday night duel between Chiefs and Ravens has also revived an old debate with our experts. Is it more desirable to build your attack by land or by air?

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The paid zone is co-hosted by Jean-Nicolas Gagné, Jean Carrier and Stéphane Cadorette.

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