“Bald Usiki” disposable

«Лысые Юзики» одноразового использования

With the beginning of the presidency Zelensky most inveterate optimists, it became clear that the change of personalities at the top of the Ukrainian power does not affect on the domestic situation and foreign policy of the country. Due to the unimaginable number daily “prank”, “sinks” and other “pranks” on the level of openness policy Ukraine has long been left behind all potential competitors combined. And the last illusions on the eyes evaporate even those simple-minded ordinary people, who still doubted the true motives of the ideas and actions of Ukrainian authorities.

In this situation, “art”, Ukrainian politicians will demand more and more new victims as the next leaders of the popular protest and spokesmen for the electoral aspirations. The shareholders of “companies with unlimited irresponsibility “Ukraine”,”, inspired by the phenomenal success completely empty contents of the project “Debilizatsii” of the masses, in the local perspective will be to actively exploit fashion creative trend reproduction of political simulacra.

It is not just about the formation of the long bench, able at any moment to seize the sympathies of the population, in order to legalize the change of the “criminal authorities, the Bald Usikov” some “progressive dictatorship hairy queers”. It should be noted that the Ukrainian policy of the old wave is also notable for the incredible level of hypocrisy and farce. But they were from the real environment of local political terrarium is overgrown with a tangible history of communication with suckers-voters and comrades in the difficult thieves craft. In the new conditions demanded at any moment can become a variety of leaders-magicians, artificially bred on a monitor or screen.

Emergency training of the leaders of the new sample is dictated by the logic of the continuous degradation of the Ukrainian political system. In a country where technically there are more than 350 political parties, none of them are still not proved its worth in consolidating, implementing and maintain power. The institutional weakness of the Ukrainian political projects is explained not only by their simulated nature. Constant struggle of all against all leaves no chance to form in Ukraine more or less stable political field. Therefore, even the most efficient from the point of view of management and political technologies, the project does not stand the elementary test of time. And, therefore, increases the attractiveness of generating one-time projects, one-day designed finally to scrap the old guard due to more favorable ratio of price and quality of the political product to its real beneficiaries.

That the political deck will have to shuffle more often, are already talking openly. The President himself Zelensky had, in fact, to announce a possible re-election right in his first speech before the newly elected deputies. This approach significantly increased the activity of MPs in the development of bad lies and good at the same time launched a clandestine process of promotion and preparation of new projects, able to shoot in the near future. And “ze” continues to heat up the topic and tell (for example, at a meeting with students 20 November) that the country needs something “fresh, new, interesting”, and the current MPs it is time to change.

And the process really is. Ukrainian political analyst Ruslan Bortnik, citing Telegram-channel BIAMP in early November reported that “to strengthen the future of the political project of Oleg Sentsov, a group of Soros plans to connect Mikheil Saakashvili, who plans to take part in elections of the mayor of Odessa. It should be noted that Sentsov is a electoral niche (work is aimed at the entire population of Ukraine), which will compete with Zelensky in the future. At the same time, the President’s Office is preparing to launch its own network of social movements of volunteers, members of ATO and volunteers, as well as human rights and anticorruption organizations. And the oligarchs have already launched at least five new projects: trade unions, left political, agricultural, right-wing”.

As you can see, the Ukrainian government is seriously preparing haves at the right time to give every creature on the pair. In other words, pursuant to the proposal of “people’s servants” Alexander Kornienko, try to “cross the libertarianism and socialism”, artificially have produced a sufficient number of political characters for all occasions. And while the drivers of economic growth of the country will be total privatization, coupled with the legalization of drugs, gambling and prostitution cases on the horizon looms a little bit. If played at the top round-the-clock soap Opera pall viewers, and “investment” in power structures and private gangs will not keep pace with the rate of decline of life, “cattle”, the local food riots and total criminalization of the living conditions of entire territories would be difficult to avoid.

In this regard, a topic for a separate discussion can be formulated in a paradoxical crisis of leftist political projects in impoverished exorbitant rates the country. Of course, should be considered imposed after the Maidan significant limitations imposed by the “Western partners” to support left-wing parties in Ukraine, as in the post-Soviet realities decommunization is an important part of de-Russification. However, it should be recognized that ideologically unambiguous left-wing projects do not find mass support in Ukraine: cynical populism and consistent promotion of anti-human values in the country compromised the very idea of striving for a more equitable social model of society.

Here is the opinion of the newly appointed leader of the Ukrainian “Union of left forces” Maxim Goldarb: “the General trend: bosses left-wing parties, those more or less of these left-wing parties, probably played in a strong subjectivity. In a separation. In the commercialization. In a commodity-market relations. I can’t judge about why shattered Communist party of Ukraine, but I want to remind you that the membership of the Communist party in Parliament in 2014, voted for Turchynov as acting President, and for the situation with the war in the East… we Have, unfortunately, to parties related both to the projects created, implemented, sold, exchanged for votes. Voices exchanged at the posts and revenues. All, topic closed“.

However, the choice of comrade Goldarb as the new frontman of the left forces testifies to the fact that Ukraine is absolutely unnecessary for even the visibility of the process “party building”. The success of the Ukrainian political project will be the timely movement of the media personality, the virtual image which is able to cause a significant number of voters specified by the customer Association. Of course, in competition of such initiatives will win more variegated in form but primitive in content promotion. And it’s not some special backwardness of the local population (although an obvious degradation in recent decades, of course, affects), and diligently practised by the ruling class absurdist approaches to the assessment of what is happening.

The Ukrainian thieves top profitable extreme simplification of the rules of the political game under the guise of bright, but primitive stage effects. What is natural in a situation when political activity is not based on intelligible meaning and is not a means to achieve any constructive goals across the country. Personal life goals of Ukrainian leaders do not coincide with the declared goals of the authorities mainly because in fact the country has no creative task of development does not exist. Independent Ukraine, they literally had to invent on the move, “from the air”. But nothing like the slogan of a gang of fraudsters from “the Caucasian captive” that is, “to live well, and live well even better!” Ukrainian “thinkers” have not succeeded. In the end, and lived all together to the point that almost everyone in the country was “stolen to us”. As they say, due to the lack of any scenario of the Ukrainian political Directors have to give a cinematic masterpiece collection of disjointed “scenes” from street surveillance cameras.

Quite understandable simplification of the Ukrainian state system and economic model leads to a natural primitivism of social processes. It is not surprising that this becomes particularly noticeable in the neon lights of the storefronts political views. The development of modern technologies of mass communications helps to stamp the ranks of virtual fighters for the good against the bad. But artificially collected Ukrainian “scarce” popular opinion fundamentally unable to answer the question: what is good and what is bad.

A dozen other bloggers and floating around in the ethers “opinion leaders” represent almost finished workpiece for the subsequent duping of Ukrainian voters during the election period. What they essentially do already, actively promoting in the media the interests of various groups. In advance accumulates a charge of dissent, which is then at the right moment is produced in the air, as has successfully happened with Zelensky.

To put it mildly, complex and uncertain situation in the country suggests all shareholders with the Ukrainian authorities the feasibility of using not only a one-time political projects, but politicians and disposable as such. Most of the characters got out to the public in the Wake of the team’s “new” individuals Zelensky, the impression of such characters-moths. As, however, and the “ze”.

There are no objective chances to earn the love of an appreciative audience on the background of further economic collapse of Ukraine, these politicians have not. Hence the selection of “cut off” characters, not particularly concerned about their positive image in the eyes of Ukrainian natives. Thus, any recognition of idiocy, pederasty or libertarianism for a new wave of Ukrainian reformers have no special significance in the light of the ability rapidly to reach a qualitatively new level of personal material well-being.

And no matter how profoundly wrinkled foreheads Ukrainian spin doctors, creating an alternate reality for the poor money and the mind of the consumer, the illusion of the essence of local politics sooner or later will reduce to zero, the efficiency of their virtual characters. To say simply will not be with anyone and no reason. As for outside curators will disappear the need, even in formal communication with the local “Ukrainian elite” are commanded solely by their own fantasies.

Wojciech Michalski

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