Balloons Google for Internet sharing is no longer just a project

Some ideas, like people, eventually grow out of their Cribs. So, Loon ceased to be one of the projects lab, Google X. He received the status of the company in the Alphabet. Previously, the same increase received Waymo development of the technology of Autonomous cars. In the new status of the Loon will be the creation of balloons that can provide Internet connection in those parts of the world where access to it is difficult.

Воздушные шары Google для раздачи интернета перестали быть просто проектом

This writes Engadget.

The newly created company, and have your head. They became Aleister Westgarth who joined Google early last year.

Project Loon began in 2013, and since then has managed to prove its viability in practice. For example, after last year’s hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the balloons Google has been able to provide Internet more than 100 thousand local residents.

Loon is not the only project Google X, promoted. The status of the company also purchased the program Wing. Its specialists are engaged in the creation of the service delivery using drones, as well as a platform for air traffic control for safe UAV flight.

Now the laboratory Google X are working on other projects. For example, to improve the technology of Google Glass and will continue to experiment in the field of robotics.

Facebook previously refused to work on a project similar to Loon. The company has created a drone that is able to distribute the Internet, but decided to abandon the creation of this aircraft in the light of growing competition from representatives of the aerospace industry.

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