Balls, spring or fall?

Bals de printemps ou d’automne?

Kathleen Frenette

Many of the pupils of fifth secondary, who were looking forward to their prom will have to wait until the fall or maybe even make a cross on their dream to wear dresses and blazers for this special evening.

When she was younger, Rose Leclerc-Poulin saw her big sister go to her prom, wearing a dress hand-sewn by their mother.

The 16 year-old girl was waiting for so turn forward this year, but the wait may be much longer than anticipated.

“With my mother, we had bought the fabric and she would sew for the ball to be held in June so, it is certain that we are all a little disappointed, but I also think it is better like this,” said the student, who is attending the Seminary of Saint-François.

For the moment, the event is not yet “officially” cancelled in this school, but some scenarios seem to be already to the study in the event of postponement.

“We think also of the ideas we can use to organize the events of graduates differently “, can we also read on the website of the school of Saint-Augustin-de-Demaures.

“We will not forget “

Same sound of bell on the side of the Seminary of the Marist Fathers, who took care to contact each of the students of the institution to ensure their well-being in this time of crisis.

“The most important thing that I tell them, is that their cohort will never be forgotten. If the ball does not take place in June, this will be in September, and if the measures are still in place, there will be something else, but we will not forget, ” said Martine Cyr, facilitator at student life at the college of the chemin Saint-Louis.

Several public institutions are waiting for the decision of the government on the reopening of classes and recommendations on the distancing before making a decision.

The report confirmed

Some secondary schools, such as those of Rochebelle, Pioneers, as well as the College of the Companions and the Polyvalente de L’ancienne-Lorette, the school Board of the Discoverers, have already confirmed the postponement to the fall.

At the Commission scolaire de la Capitale, “the two schools have confirmed that the prom will be cancelled and an event will instead be held in the fall,” said the spokeswoman, Véronique Gingras.

For the Commission scolaire des Premieres-Seigneuries, the spokesperson said that a decision will be made shortly.

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