Bananas with peel: network captured a flash mob eating the products in the wrapper

Бананы с кожурой: сеть захватил флешмоб поедания продуктов в обертке

The network has reached a new flashmob. People post videos as they eat fruits and vegetables with the skin, and some products in the wrap reports “the WORLD 24”.

So, users post videos with the hashtag #ShellOnChallenge. Publish a video as they eat the bananas straight from the peel.

Some went further. Users began to upload videos where they eat other products in the wrapper, for example, a cake or a candy wrapper, and sausage in the package.

The challenge became popular. In social networks appeared dozens of videos.

This is not the first unusual flashmob in the Network. In particular a couple of months ago there was a popular challenge with the hashtag #cheesechallenge. People were left to face each other cheese. In the flash mob participated and Pets. They also threw cheese.

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@bobbybonesshow @mrbobbybones #shellonchallenge heard your bit yesterday morning and caught my 7 year old trying a banana this afternoon #caughtredhanded

Publication from Tyler Dodd (@tdlddy11) APR 23, 2019 at 10:00 am PDT