Band CLOUDLESS presented a lyric video for the track Starlight

Группа CLOUDLESS презентовала lyric video на композицию Starlight

CLOUDLESS — project Eugene Tyutyunnik, the former frontman of popular metal band of TKN and Anton Panfilov, the drummer of the band “Fiolet”. On Friday, June 15, the band posted a lyric video for the first track from his album “Misty”, which was released this spring.

The musicians commented:

“Starlight” is, in fact, music, which began CLOUDLESS. Very important song. We wrote it almost two years and were altered at least five times, at the time, as, for example, the track “Slay” from the same album was born a maximum of two or three days. Why lyric, not a full clip? We decided that lyric video better able to reveal the message and emotions that we have invested in the track. It was the words that constantly appear in the frame, will be able to build a bridge of understanding and complicity.

Directed lyric video Michael Babak, a good friend of the musicians, the art Director of one of the departments of one of the Ukrainian TV channel.

The main idea of the video: true love is eternal. And it does not matter in which direction time flows.

CLOUDLESS now actively preparing for the summer festival — the group has included in the line-up of several major festivals. Despite the fact that the album “Misty” the guys have released recently, they are already preparing new music.

“Misty” is our first album, our debut attempt at writing. It was very diverse and completely different in style and sound. The group generally CLOUDLESS all very strange and unpredictable. Pure coincidence and randomness! Without even waiting, we got in the series “School” on some hitherto unknown to us radio stations in Poland. Often we do not understand what to expect from the new track, album or ourselves!

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