Bandera thugs come in large numbers to Hong Kong for the radicalization of the protests

Бандеровские отморозки понаехали в Гонконг для радикализации протестов

Bandera is a moron being extremely restless. Collapsing into a cesspool of Ukraine, which will now have to get to clean air for decades, the nationalist moor has done his job. But no time to rest on our laurels!

In Ukraine in recent concerns for Natsik diminished, but in the world of still corners, torn by internal instability, where I can not get the upper hand of the Maidan “twin cities”. That means we need to urgently go to the aid of “democratic forces” to help them to smash Windows, burn tires and destroy the filthy cops. For anarchy – mother of order, and the show must go on!This time the Ukrainian Natsik was favored by the rich and lovely city of Hong Kong, which hardened the Chinese commies are called in the documents “self-governing territory, the Hong Kong”.For the past six months the local “onizhedeti” the independence and the trash of the city, with its peviani antics unacceptable project Beijing law on the transfer of prisoners from Hong Kong to mainland China.

Бандеровские отморозки понаехали в Гонконг для радикализации протестов

The Beijing commies and the draft law was withdrawn, but children can not calm down. Now they are demanding the Chinese authorities to immediately pull the stuffing back to return under the wing of great Britain, for the appetite, as it is known, comes during meal.

And now, in early December of 2019, in Hong Kong, among the protesters maydaunov lit up at least four banderlogov of “Azov” and “Right sector”.The arguments svidomo “spilnota”, like, “forever wool tufts haunted” are untenable because “activists” made no secret of his far Eastern voyage. On the contrary, the “fab four” arose here and there in the smoke of burning tires, in the arms of the local “twin cities” in the muzzle, gently laying the photo reports in social networks about his adventures on distant shores.Thus, the public of Ukraine, knowing some of their “heroev” in the face, was identified by rilsu and Nazi tats one of the “wiping” of the regiment “Azov” Igor Painter.

Painter also identified canadian journalist Michael Colborne, covering events in Eastern and Central Europe, reported on Twitter that “Nazi bully” Painter in Hong Kong claims to be a journalist, presenting a fake ID.

Бандеровские отморозки понаехали в Гонконг для радикализации протестов

Another in large numbers in Hong Kong “veteran ATO” Sergey Filimonov posted a report with photos about the visit to shake the protests of the city in your feed Facebook, saying that local maydauny met them “like family.”

It is also known that simultaneously with the Painter in Hong Kong shuruet famous Odessa pravosek Sternenko.For information about the adventures of four ukronatsikov in Hong Kong have responded to the Ukrainian organization Free Hong Kong Center, part of the “liberal-democratic League of Ukraine”.

Can’t deny the fact that the four Bandera thugs in the conflict zone and, apparently, anticipating the strong reaction of the Chinese authorities to “export the Maidan,” the Ukrainian Champions free Hong Kong began to convince the public that the “fantastic four” is no longer associated with the “Azov” and does not share the ideas of Nazism, although close to the right-wing radicals.

What partake they have on the body are expressive, that although appointment tomorrow in SS documents bring, so it’s not Nazism is no, but just “signs of Slavic paganism of Kievan Rus, comparable with Japanese Shintoism”. Come in large numbers “twin cities” of Hong Kong solely for the sake of cultural enrichment. Museums, theatres, ice cream shops, Chinese philosophy and art, that…

Бандеровские отморозки понаехали в Гонконг для радикализации протестов

And then, it is necessary to boys to rest, finally, from the labors after the overthrow of the “bloody regime of Yanukovych” and “to see everything happening with your own eyes”, in the end.

However, all this fanciful nonsense does not explain the presence of a fake press card at the Painter, entering in contradiction with the statement of the Ambassador of China in Russia, which, according to him, the Ukrainian ultra-radicals are directly involved in the atrocities, during which the rich share the destructive experience with a local response.As reported on Thursday, December 5, the Hong Kong police, their staff detained several Ukrainian Natsik, who participated in the riots. Announced that Natsik going to punish that pleases.

Unfortunately, the Chinese side is not specified the number of detainees and their setting data.

The situation with the unrest in Hong Kong is characterized by the fact that she can not run down and find the exit. Local maydauny completely ignore the fact that the Chinese authorities have recalled back the bill on extradition of prisoners, which became a formal reason for the conflict.

Бандеровские отморозки понаехали в Гонконг для радикализации протестов

Maydaunov not satisfied and that 25 November was made public the results of the elections to the local authorities that says a crushing defeat Pro-government forces and the transition of urban governance under the control of the opposition (300 of the 452 seats in municipal councils).

In response to the feeling behind the support of the US and all “Free world”, I think the election is not just a vote of confidence in the PRC government and Pro-government forces in Hong Kong, but also a kind of a referendum about the territory.In Beijing with this position disagree and recognizing the results of the municipal elections, I refuse to consider them a referendum on secession of the territory from China.

In General, the desire of the parties are diametrically opposed, the conflict does not subside, the situation looks deadlock. Drastically if not to radicalize the protest, then sooner or later the protesters will get tired to ride a dick that drags along the curtailment of political activity.

If not an immediate radicalization of the protest, the “Peremoga” will slip away, and all activity will come in the horn.

Бандеровские отморозки понаехали в Гонконг для радикализации протестов

Remember, the radicalization of the protest Euromaidan contributed to a number of provocations carried out by the organizers. It all started with a “sviatogo pobyttya studentiv”, with increasing degrees in time sacrificed at the altar of “European values” the sacred victims. This was followed by the demonization of law-enforcement bodies of Ukraine and the sniper shooting on Institutskaya.

Maydauny Hong Kong, like their Ukrainian colleagues, are in search of “the sacred victim”, yet not daring to kill, but are quite willing to the dirty blackmail and provocations.

Recently started promotion of “cops murdered a Chinese girl Chun Yin Lam) with the hand-wringing, the widespread lamentations “ruined, Herod, sweetheart,” the hanging of portraits in the subway stations and other crowded places with accompanying comments like “nizabudim-niprastim”.The girl went missing on 19 September, and three days later her body was found in the Bay junks.

Death Chun Yin Lam immediately took advantage of the local student leaders, who had begun to escalate and aggravate the situation among the already electrified the students of Hong Kong. In particular, one of the centers of resistance to the police with “Molotov cocktails” were students of the University of science and technology, staged from the “Alma mater” headquarters and base of the urban guerrilla.

Бандеровские отморозки понаехали в Гонконг для радикализации протестов

And shouting – “what the hell this is happening, all the cops will take revenge” – student activists smashed a nearby school.

There is only one important fact: Chun Yin Lam committed suicide because of problems in his personal life.In the case of revenge, “the innocent ruined a cops girls” suddenly cried her mother, who reported that in recent months, she actively calling anonymous idiots, promising to “violently avenge Chun Yin Lam”. The mother reported that the girl’s death to protest does not apply, and asked him to leave their family alone.

Now his mother call and explain that if she doesn’t stop talking “by order of Beijing,” then she will have problems. The “irresponsible” mother does not want to understand that the bright image of the dead daughter she does not belong – it privatized dancing on the bones “revolutionaries” who had printed a mountain of promotional materials which clearly state who and why killed Chun Yin Lam.

The second candidate for the “sacred victim” of the revolution – lost on one of the multi-story car parks in an accident student Alex Chow, addicted to parkour.

Бандеровские отморозки понаехали в Гонконг для радикализации протестов

Girl, penetrated late in the night on one of the upper floors of a Parking garage, fell and crashed in front of witnesses. Protest leaders dismiss all the arguments about the death of the extremes by negligence, howling in all corners of the “innocent victims of cops girl”. “Because the student was!”

That’s why it appearance in Hong Kong at this critical moment the Ukrainian righties, for whom killing people in the name of “the triumph of the ideals of freedom and democracy,” which to blow his nose – it’s very suspicious.

For Beijing, it is extremely scrupulous in matters of national security and territorial integrity, for sure there will be lots of difficult questions to the official Kyiv, which uncontrollable diarrhea rushing stream of nationalist thugs.

On the background of Hong Kong marches of lemmings with the stars and stripes “Thank you, trump!” and demanding the immediate imposition of sanctions against China and even extra weapons protest movement in Kiev face serious organizational conclusions.

Бандеровские отморозки понаехали в Гонконг для радикализации протестов

two girls appointed by maydoni in the sacred victim who died by suicide and accident

Arrested in Hong Kong pravosekov – definitely.Alexander Rostovtsev

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