BAPE on the tram: the project office will request privacy for two documents

BAPE sur le tramway: le bureau de projet demande la confidentialité pour deux documents

In the course of the next few hours, the project office of the network structuring is committed to drop at BAPE “in confidence,” the business case of the mega-project as well as the detailed map of the acquisitions of lots.

This is what Daniel Genest has confirmed, Wednesday afternoon, at the beginning of the third day of the work of the BAPE (Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement).

Once documents are filed, the BUREAU will decide whether it will accept these requests for confidentiality, or if he makes this sensitive data public.

Debate on the cost of the tunnel

Furthermore, the precise cost of the construction of the tunnel, which will connect the lower town to the upper town, has given rise to an exchange rather particular on this Wednesday afternoon.

Recalling that the cost of the tram – the centerpiece of the network structure – has climbed to$ 3.1 billion in the last update of the mega-project, Ms. Gendron asked if the cost of the tunnel is still 30% of the project, or close to 1G$. “No,” briefly responded Mr. Genest by refusing to give details.

This short reply may seem strange to the extent that the City has itself revealed, last week, that it will cost 358 M$ per km of tunnel. A simple multiplication shows that a short version of the tunnel (2.1 km) would cost$ 751 Million and a long version (2.6 km) would cost$931 Million.

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