Bar exam: still days of uncertainty

The future lawyers will still live at least a few days of uncertainty since the bâtonnier du Québec has entrusted to KPMG analysis of the platform used during the final exam question on may 25th.

“We’re currently working on a complete analysis thereof and, more particularly, of the platform used during the exam. This analysis has been entrusted to KPMG. We look forward to receiving the results shortly,” said Paul-Matthieu Grondin, bâtonnier of the Quebec, canada, in a note sent to students. A follow-up should normally be done on Wednesday, can you read.

“It is reassuring to see support for. You have to be receptive. I am in a situation less worse than others, but I have a question that has not been recorded, and three points can make the difference,” said Valerie Black St-Laurent.

Not unheard of

The bâtonnier of the Quebec states that problems have already been experienced by other colleges during examinations online.

“They have managed to find solutions to these problems and be assured that we will spare no effort for it to be so for your review, if applicable.”

Not surprisingly, the Québec Bar has been forced to adapt to the situation because of the COVID-19.

“We are aware of the stress, anxiety and all the inconveniences that this situation may generate. The School Bar has all the time prioritized a review at the height of the profession and expectations of the legal community and students,” says the president of the bar Grondin.

Computer problem

Several students have complained of the significant technical problems that occurred during the final review of the School of the law society on may 25. The future lawyers fear the fiasco.

For the first time, the review was in line for some 900 students who had five hours to complete their assessment.

“For some, at the end of five hours, the answers have not been saved. We don’t know who is honest in there. It’s just all weird, and we expect more of our professional order. They have trouble doing it,” has launched a ending.

In 2019, the common final examination than 9,000 aspiring accounting has known a kerfuffle it important.

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