Barca: For the “Dr. House” of the sport, Dembélé has perhaps hidden his injury under the pressure of his transfer

Ousmane Dembélé was injured with the Barça — SIPA

They call him the Dr. House of the sport , and for that alone, one is tempted to drink his words with closed eyes. Dr. Sakari Orava, who operated on
Ousmane Dembélé in Finland after an injury to the hamstring contracted against Getafe, thinking that the French international would have been able to save away for so long (3-4 months). And if Dembouz announced his return in “two months” on Instagram, the doctor prefers to cool his enthusiasm. “He’s like all young, very optimistic, but it is best to be cautious “, he entrusted to the Mundo Deportivo.

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“I think that he has caught by youth in not saying that he had hurt this part of the leg. The pressure to which he was exposed after his transfer to Barça was also able to influence [in his behavior]. “

A lesson for Dembélé

Regarding the reinstatement of Dembélé, Orava wants to still reassuring. “For the moment all is going well with Ousmane. The evolution is good. “About the injury, Ernesto Valverde, the coach of FC Barcelona, had him under-heard shortly after the announcement of the unavailability of the player, as it would have done better not to attempt to heeling,” the gesture is the most demanding for the muscles and tendons “. It should serve as a lesson.

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