barely unwrapped, Christmas presents are already exchanged

    barely unwrapped, Christmas presents are already exchanged

    No sooner are they unwrapped than some gifts have already been exchanged! It’s almost a tradition, from Boxing Day, many of you rush to the shops to change a piece of jewelry, a book or a game for example. This was the case this Saturday in Auxerre.

    Duplicate or poorly chosen gifts

    In the city center there was a crowd worthy of Christmas Eve, precisely. This time there was no rush for last-minute gifts, but many passers-by had one or more bags in their hands. Inside unwanted gifts or an order misunderstood by Santa Claus. This is what happened to Marcelle and Guillaume. He asked for the series “The twilight Zone, the fourth dimension” a science fiction series from the 1960s. She offered him the box set “Twilight” the saga of films featuring vampires and werewolves. They both prefer to laugh about it and like a good number of customers they came this Saturday to make an exchange. It has also become a “tradition” notes Nicolas Huguin, manager in a culture store in Auxerre. “On December 26 when we reopen the doors of the store we have a whole bunch of people coming back with gifts that are duplicates or that did not correspond at all to what the person wanted.” From year to year he observes the phenomenon grow “maybe there is that, to say I want to be able to enjoy my gift” according to him.

    exchange or get a refund?

    This is exactly why Celine came to town with her children. “we come to exchange a sweater that did not please”. This mother is used to making exchanges. But she is keen to take gifts similar to those given to her. She finds that more and more people are imitating her. “I find that it is becoming more democratized and that the stores are playing the game more, either to exchange with another article, another size or even sometimes to make a voucher or refund us”.
    Exchange yes, make a voucher yes, but for Hubert who comes to swap paper books for books in digital format, there is no question of being reimbursed for a gift.“There, I had scruples to be reimbursed, for example, because there it was not me who paid at all and receiving money on my account that bothered me! But on the other hand I prefer to exchange for something to my liking because it would have been worse not to read the books! “. Yet more and more of us no longer have any scruples, precisely. Another phenomenon competes with the exchange of unwanted gifts: their resale.

    This year 18% of French people think of reselling gifts that they do not like. A number that has continued to increase in recent years. Yesterday, the Ebay website had already registered 600,000 ads related to the resale of Christmas gifts.

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