Bargaining: child care in the family environment are considering to close their doors

Négociation: les services de garde en milieu familial songent à fermer leurs portes

QUEBEC | Nearly 47% of the educational services in family environment (CSR) in Quebec think to close their doors within three years, if Quebec does not agree to expand the supply monetary providers in a family environment, according to a new survey.

Conducted with more than 2700 officials of educational services in a family environment, the survey of the Fédération des intervenantes en petite enfance du Québec (FIPEQ-CSQ) indicates that 47% of the members would leave the profession within three years, if the offer of the government Legault was final.

As a reminder, the intervener in the home environment earn, this time, the equivalent by 12.42 per hour. They claim a compensation equivalent to 16,75 per hour.

However, before the Holidays, Québec has submitted an offer equal to 12,48 per hour for the first year, “which is still in the bottom of the minimum wage,” said the union president, Valérie Grenon.

If, at the national, 47% of respondents say that they will close within three years, in Mauricie, Côte-Nord and Abitibi-Témiscamingue, what are the 55% who think this decision, while at Montreal, 37% are of this opinion.

Commenting on the survey, Valérie Grenon explained that the result reflects the exasperation of the speakers. “We hope that our members had the thirst of the profession […], but the girls are tanned”, she indicated in an interview with the QMI Agency.

The president considers that the offer, which corresponds to an increase equivalent to 6 cents per hour, should be increased. “It is necessary that the minister of the Family, [Mathieu] Lacombe, sits down with the Finance minister,” said Mrs. Grenon. She also mentioned that there are still discussions at the negotiating table, even if there has not been any counter-offers to Quebec. “It is necessary that it moves”, she added, however.

The FIPEQ-CSQ, which represents nearly 10,000 officials of educational services in a family environment governed and funded, and more than 2,500 educators in the facilities of the EPC, in charge of 60 000 children currently. Valérie Grenon is concerned about the potential impact of the departure of 47% of its members within three years.

Last Friday, members of the FIPEQ-CSQ have started their pressure tactics by opening their doors 15 minutes later than usual, a way to strike, while reducing the consequences for the parents.

The second week, it will be thirty minutes and this will be a gradual phase-out up to two hours later in march. “We are going in gradation,” said the president, while recalling that the Federation had a mandate of strikes, half-day and one-day to be triggered at the right moment.

“We, we don’t want to use them. If it is necessary to use them to win your case, we are going to do it,” she confided, while not excluding the possibility of using other means of pressure more important.