DRAMA A 45-year-old policeman killed himself this Thursday morning with his service weapon at the Haguenau police station (Bas-Rhin)

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A police station. (Illustrative photo). — Clément Follain/20 Minutes

The drama happened this Thursday morning. An elderly policeman of 45 years has given himself death with his service weapon at the police station in Haguenau (Bas-Rhin), we learned from the functional divisional commander Raymond Briclot and the Alternative Police union. “ A deep sadness grips us this morning when we learn that David, 45, has been affected. in the Bas-Rhin, put an end to his days », wrote the union on its social networks.

The facts took place around 8 a.m. according to Sylvain André, Grand-Est deputy secretary of this union, after the official who worked in this police station took office « for four or five years ». “ He did ça in a room at the police station, at the proximity of the armory », clarified Sylvain André, for whom « this act should be considered as an accident at work, attributable to the service ».

« A lack of manpower »

« There is a lack of staff in Haguenau and a lack of attractiveness. on the Grand-Est which is known, the colleagues are at bout physically », still felt the union representative, denouncing « a lack of benevolence and recognition from the hierarchy and the administration ». “ He was a nice guy » underline on its side; Commander Briclot.

The deceased civil servant, single and childless, was to join return to a police station in the Hautes-Alpes after obtaining his transfer. He was affected serving “ public road » to Haguenau, and had previously been stationed at; Strasbourg.