Baseball is playing with fire

Le baseball joue avec le feu

The industry of major league baseball lives cut off from the world for a long time. While the COVID-19 continues its ravages, and the United States are experiencing a serious social crisis, the owners of the teams of the MLB and the players Association still compete for for money.

Yesterday, the major leagues have said no to an offer of the players, who were a season in 114 games, without pay cuts, additional, reported the Associated Press. They have indicated that they do not submit counter-proposal to the players.

The owners suggest a schedule of 82 games, that equates to one more game in half a season.

787 M$ on the table

Remember that the players have agreed to be paid in proportion to the number of matches that they would quarrel. The rates would be in descending order from the smaller salaries.

The owners would have wanted the players to accept a reduction given that they would derive no income at the counters in the absence of spectators. But the players are opposed to it.

There is, however, the television revenue that would be 787 million, according to the Associated Press. It is a lot of money in the game.

Not the time to be messing around

The two parties no longer have much time if the season was to begin on 4 July, the Independence day of the United States, such as hope for homeowners.

One might think that the dispute will be resolved at the last minute. Both sides have too much to lose. But not only for the monetary aspect.

If it was necessary that the owners and players remain on their position, the industry of baseball would lose face in these difficult times. This would be laugh out of the 40 million unemployed americans.

The players and the owners realize they ?

It seems that yes, but as they are as stubborn as each other, it is not necessary to swear to anything.

The control of the business

Baseball was the first sport in north america to lose its innocence when the players have triggered a first strike, in 1972. They had a lot of gains to make up.

Seven work stoppages were followed until 1994, a year very sad for the supporters of the Expos. The players have taken control of the business.

It is correct up to a certain point.

At the time of the Expos, the fans went to the olympic Stadium to see play Gary Carter, Andre Dawson, Tim Raines and Steve Rogers, not to meet with Charles Bronfman.

When wages have become out of control, Bronfman is out of the game. It was his case.

The owners cut

For the past few years, the owners operate their team in order to bring the pendulum to the other.

The revenues are down. The audiences have dropped for the seventh consecutive year last season.

The customer television ages. With an average age of 57 years from its customers, the baseball was the third largest last year, behind the golf course (64 years) and the races of series NASCAR (62 years old).

Expenditures are analyzed and calculated at the cenne near. Teams reduce their staff of scouts to engage specialists in advanced statistics.

The free agent market is reserved for the elite. The players who were in the middle of the wage bill are being replaced by younger people whose wages are at the bottom of the scale.

Attract young people

The baseball also has a problem of marketing. It must rejuvenate its clientele. For young people, sporting events are opportunities to socialize.

Before the pandemic, the Canadian announced he was going to put the taste of the day by converting sections of the level Desjardins in lounges and bars spacious.

So goes the world of professional sports in 2020. The enthusiasts who are willing to pay the big price in want for their money.

However, there is every reason to think that people will have less money to spend on recreation when it will return to a normal life.

The players ball should remember that they were pulling coins with the head on their return to the game in 1995. There has been no other conflicts of work since, but they play very big this time.

The owners also.

If Americans have had enough of the violence done to African-Americans and other visible minorities in their country, they could well be tanner’s baseball.

The devil loyalty !

A long time ago that the Canadian is not Canadian on the ice. But for some time, it is so at all levels of the organization. The loyalty to the employees has taken the edge.

Dominick Saillant and François Marchand, who had 23 years of service in the communications sector, are among the employees who have just been cavalièrement to the door.

Reason given by management : the effects of the COVID-19 on the economy. It is so easy to say.

Premiums derisory

My colleague Réjean Tremblay has told you far and wide in our edition of yesterday, this is happening within the CH Group.

Not only does one speak of a purge, but according to my information, former employees of long standing would have been offered severance pay, inadequate.

You may say that times change, the organization of the Canadian no longer has anything to do with the time of the Forum.

The Canadian has become a big business with no soul.

Friendliness to the employees has given way to the harsh, loyalty to treachery. Employees who had several years of service have become disposable products.

This situation is not unique to Canada. It happens in many other companies and this is very disappointing.

I wonder how the cutters head are to sleep well.

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