Baseball: players are “disappointed” the latest proposal in the major leagues

Baseball: les joueurs «déçus» de la dernière proposition des ligues majeures

The Association of players of major league baseball said it was “extremely disappointed” by the latest economic proposal of the circuit in view of a return to the game.

Although they have abandoned the idea of revenue sharing, the major leagues have called for large wage cuts to his players by promising a bigger share of the revenue generated during the playoffs.

“I saw the proposal, said the representative of the Cardinals of St. Louis Andrew Miller to the daily USA Today, Tuesday. We want to play. This is what we love to do. We also have the responsibility to protect the rights of players. (…) We will continue to work together, but I am disappointed with the way they have started the discussion.”

According to this proposal, all players will have to accept wage cuts and the players with the biggest salaries will be most affected. Some players might as well leave on the table more than 75 % of their salary.

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