Baseball: smiles and hygiene in the menu of the first training

Baseball: sourires et hygiène au menu des premiers entraînements

“Today, I welcome you with the smile… and the Purell!” These are the words thrown by the coach Jean-Philippe Roy to the young people who have walked the ground of the stadium, Canac, to emphasize that baseball is back, in a new era.

Roy, it is the program director sports-studies of baseball of the Gunners of Quebec, which brings together 250 young people from five schools. These young people, spread in small groups over two days, were at least as bright as the sun that has done because of its warm rays for the great feedback.

There was enough to shine, as they were the first in the province to reconnect with the baseball, after weeks of frustration in the containment.

“It is as if the punishment is over,” has launched with aplomb Raphael Boutin, 16 years old.

Raphael Boutin

“Our pleasure is to play has been cut from one day to the next, without notice. It was a big shock. We realize what you really have when we remove it. We know that we will not have a summer baseball normal, but you have the chance to jump on the ground,” he added.

Rules respected

Of course, the first young people to bring on the synthetic surface seemed to find their bearings. With great blows of “two meters, two meters!”, the coaches reminded them of the rules of practice, which has not failed to cause some joyful discomforts.

“The feel, the discomfort of young people who do not know where garrocher?”, was amused to question Dominik Walsh, the assistant coach who also wears the hat of manager of the Diamonds of Quebec, in the major League baseball junior élite du Québec.

“We kept in touch with our young people throughout the containment, but training Zoom, you don’t have to return. Today, it is all the difference”, he laughed.

Balls disinfected

During this time, his friend Jean-Philippe Roy, the disinfectant grafted to the hand such as a teddy bear in the paws of a kid, ensure that everything is to the satisfaction of Madame Blancheville.

Better yet, after brief use, each ball was cleaned up by a machine of disinfection electrostatic. Like how the baseball can be sparkling clean, from the Houston Astros, at least…

“This machine and all the rules of hygiene, it is our new reality,” summed up Roy with accuracy, without offence to these constraints.

“As a coach, two meters, and all measurements, it will be repeated. As a player, you must make sure you think about it. Our role is to lead by example. Everyone in the team sports in Quebec we observe. It is necessary to do things right.”

The plan follows its course

For the moment, the first exercises were very simple. A few cranes and balloons to capture by a rocket-bullets. Muscles relax and a few relays.

The recovery plan is currently in the second round of seven. During the next round, for a date which remains to be determined, simulations of games with limited contact will be allowed.

Spring training games will be part of the fourth round, while the regular season regional will get underway in the fifth inning. Travel between regions is planned in the sixth inning.

“At this time, you can enjoy just a good opportunity to practice more than usual, in order to have more fun when the matches will start. As coaches, it forces us to be creative,” said Roy.

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