Basic errors in the care of the person: what prevents the skin to have a healthy appearance

Основные ошибки в уходе за лицом: что мешает коже иметь здоровый вид

Not always women care for the skin correctly. Someone does not wash off makeup before going to sleep, someone is drinking the right amount of water, but there are other, more serious errors, which can not even guess.

Care is not age.

This is the same problem faced by every 5 woman. If the tool you have in 20 years, in 10 years it is unlikely to be effective. A simple example – in my youth many suffer from oily skin and acne, and several years later the face will look perfect. But after 20 it is important to moisturize the skin to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Too intense Facials.

Sometimes your daily skin care becomes too fanatical. As a result, the pH changes and the skin barrier becomes much smaller. Among women, there are many those who like to experiment with the new tools. Due to the constant change of tools and too active treatment, the skin begins to suffer. Ideally, if you found the right tool, you need to use it for six weeks to evaluate effectiveness.

The only care is, and nothing more.

Of course, on the correct skin care depends on many things. But do not forget that fresh air, sports, no bad habits and a positive attitude a positive impact on appearance.


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