Basic rules fire and evacuation procedures that everyone should know!!!

Learn how to behave correctly during emergency situations.

Основні правила евакуації при пожежі, які повинен знати кожен!!!

Every year the number of deaths during a fire increases. During emergency situations immediately comes panic state, which can drive into a stupor and lead to death. Mostly death overtakes people because of the fact that they start to panic, did not behave and do not know basic safety rules for emergency situations, informs news, Ukrmedia.

Themselves the basic rules of evacuation in case of fire, which everyone should know

No need to panic. If you start to panic and get nervous for no good result. It is necessary to take itself in hands and to consistently take action. Be conscious and very vigilant during the fire.

If the fire is not significant, try to stop the fire yourself. Try to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher, dense tissue or water.

If the fire had spread to the entire room, then it must quickly leave. Of course it is best to do it through the door but if the door is locked, then try to call for help of people who pass on the street.

During a fire it is usually possible to pick up valuable things, documents. But if we are talking about life and death, then you probably need to leave the premises.

In case of fire use the simplest means of respiratory protection from carbon monoxide: to moisten the clothing or cotton-gauze bandage and cover their nose and mouth. If there is no water, then you will have to urinate on rags and so to leave the premises.

At strong smoke during a fire it is best to move on all fours to the exit.

If the room you are single, then the first in time of emergency facilities must leave the children, and then adults.

During a fire, earthquake, flood, and many other cases it is impossible to use the Elevator. In such situations, the electricity is usually turned off in the first place.

During a fire, be sure to call emergency service of Ukraine:

Emergency service – 112

Fire service – 101

Police – 102

Ambulance – 103

Gas service – 104

During an emergency situation, it is best to call emergency services of Ukraine.

Remember, in the event of an emergency, the load on phone lines is increasing greatly.

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