Basic rules of care for the hands in cold season

Основные правила ухода за руками в холодное время года 

In autumn and winter the human body is most vulnerable. Sudden temperature drops, rainy, windy and snowy weather can provoke not only colds, but also have a negative impact on skin and nails. The most negatively affected by your skin, which in the cold time of the year expose to the wind, dry, red and scaly. To avoid this, it is recommended to stick to simple rules that will protect the hands in the offseason.Do not forget to moisturize coustome your skin remain healthy and beautiful, you should regularly apply moisturizer. It is recommended to apply moisturizer in the morning half an hour before leaving the house and in the evening. With dry skin should apply the cream more often — after each contact with water.My hands in warm vodeo rule is extremely important as hand washing in cold and hot water can create stress for the skin, which is already lacking in the cold season. It is recommended to use soap from natural ingredients which does not cause irritation and gently nourishes the skin. In addition, you should abandon dryers — after washing hands should be wet cloth or allow moisture to independently absorb into the skin.Take care of meticulous autumn and winter, the cuticle requires special care, as it is also prone to drying out. In order to hydrate better to use a natural oil, including vitamin E. Apply must lightly in a circle. The massage will stimulate blood circulation in the root of the nail plate, which will improve not only the condition of the cuticle, but also would have a beneficial effect on the nail plate.Use paraffinotherapy heated to a certain temperature, will allow to create on the surface of the skin waterproof film. This shell opens your pores, the best diet of deep balls of the epidermis and active excretion of toxic substances. Created the greenhouse effect will moisturize the skin.Manicures do kruglogodichnogo nail and skin needs throughout the year. Neatly done manicure will get rid of the burrs, which aktiviziruyutsya in the offseason. Owners of fine nails or a gel Polish, it is recommended to use the proven, most sparing options of coatings of the nail plate.

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