Basketball is back: the transformation of Chris Boucher

Le basketball est de retour: la transformation de Chris Boucher

The framing frail Chris Boucher has often fueled the conversations in the circles of the NBA since his professional debut with Golden State in 2017. Montreal has taken major steps to remedy the situation during the confinement.

When the Raptors have resumed training at the beginning of the month in Florida, a few days before making their entry on the campus of Disney World, it is a Butcher heavier than 15 lbs that came on the court.

Based on the data available on the website of the NBA, the great winger of 6 ‘ 9 ” is now tipping the scales at 215 lbs, a weight that he wishes to retain to compete with the best players on the planet.

“I’ve found a way to become stronger and stay that way. It is hard when you feel that you work hard and you do not see a change. I have found ways to earn a little bit of weight every week or every two weeks, ” explained recently the Quebec born in St. Lucia.

Among the major changes that Boucher has adopted is its nutritional plan. The free time that are not missing in the containment to Toronto, the 27-year-old has concentrated its efforts to understand the reasons for which he had the misery to keep the weight in muscles he earned in the past.

“There were a lot of things that I didn’t understand about nutrition. During the pandemic, I took the time to concentrate on these things “, he mentioned.

Butcher has not only improved his understanding of nutrition. He has also refined his game with the help of videos.

“I think I’m going to have to raise my IQ of basketball. I knew I was talented because of my reactions and my instincts on the field. I wanted to take the time to better understand the game, something that I had not done since my arrival in the NBA. I had the time to think it over. ”


Even if it was not part of the alignment, starting with the Raptors, Boucher was shown to be effective in the defensive prior to the momentary interruption of the campaign when he was sent into the fray.

Boucher was raised the third highest for the number of three-point shots per minute that he tried to block with 118 in total among the players who had played at least 500 minutes of game. He had also managed 6.6 points and registered a 4.4 rebounds in an average of 55 meetings.

“I had a chance for me to shine. My role has changed. I continued to develop myself. This is only the beginning “, pointed out the pride of Montreal-Nord who had been named the outstanding player and defensive player of the year in the G-League in 2019.

The return to health of soldiers among the five from the Raptors, could prevent the Butcher to get minutes of quality during the tournament to raise, but whatever it is, every minute played will provide him an opportunity to show off, he who will become player stand-alone with a restriction at the end of the series.

Sleeps ready to move on to the next step with the Thunder

Lugentz Sleeps in a tough game against the Philadelphia 76ers yesterday at the HP Field House complex ESPN Wide World of Orlando.

Even if he has been rewarded for his excellent work in the initialling of a new four-year contract worth $ 5.4 million with the Thunder of Oklahoma City at the end of June, Luguentz Sleeps has everything to prove when his team will jump into action.

The Montrealer and his teammates the Thunder (40-24) will resume officially the necklace and measure to the Utah Jazz, the 1st of August, inside the sports complex in Disney.

Despite his strong performances with defensive during the first part of his rookie season, playing in 29 games, including the last 21 before the break, Sleeps will have to demonstrate patience before knowing its role during this calendar atypical.

His coach at the Thunder, Billy Donovan, has not dried up praise for the giant of 6 ‘ 3 ” and 215 lbs that has surprised more than one after having been ignored in the draft of the NBA of June 2019. It has also become one of the darlings of proponents of the Thunder thanks to his passion and his fighting spirit on the field.

“The most important thing for him is to continue to remain humble, reported the man basketball conference call. I am happy for him, because he has done excellent work saw the opportunity he had […] He was driving when he had to go in, he passed the ball when he had to move and it was pulling when it was open. Regardless of the outcome, we are going to live with because he makes the right decisions. ”

Nothing is gained

The Quebecers will have to fight for a position on the five starting with Terrance Ferguson and Andre Roberson, but the statistics play in favor of the product of Arizona State, while his team beat the opponent by 4.6 percentage points on 100 possessions when he was on the court.

“I don’t want to be too comfortable, said the 21-year-old colleague, Stéphane Cadorette at the beginning of the month. My mentality has always been to make my proofs. For me this is only the beginning. This is the zero and I have to continue to demonstrate what I’m worth. What I have always learned, it is to compete and never be satisfied. “

Donovan quickly found that her foal had resumed where he had left the light will turn on with its partners.

“It is kept in good shape, has mentioned the pilot of the Thunder. He always plays too hard and he defends well. He continues to do the things that he was doing for us at a high level in February and march. “

As to the school

Questioned on how he was experimenting with the daily on the website of Orlando, Sleeps, has drawn a parallel with his life of a university student who has completed barely over a year. The rear has also brought with him his console

PlayStation, books and a tablet to occupy his time.

“I have attended several camps to the AAU (American Athletic Union) and that kind of stuff. It was a bit similar, is to be at the hotel with her time to manage, and go to the practices. The main change is that, here, it is the highest level. “

Khem Birch will there be play time ?

Relatively unknown in comparison to his fellow quebecers Chris Boucher and Luguentz Sleeps, Khem Birch will attempt to help the Orlando Magic to carve out a place in series with the recovery.

Even if it is one of the reservists of the club are in eighth place in the Conference, the Montreal is part of the 16 players in the Magic to participate in the recovery. He had signed a lucrative extension two years contract reporting a total of six million dollars, the past summer.

“I miss my wife and my daughter, but these are small sacrifices, and I will see you soon. For the moment, I am concentrating on winning games and in the playoffs, ” said the athlete, 27-year-old video.

Calendar exhausting

In a context where the 22 invited teams will play several matches in a short period of time, it is a safe bet that coach Steve Clifford will not hesitate to use the imposing center 6 ‘ 9 ” and 233 lbs.

“I would not be surprised that Khem Birch gets a few minutes as the third centre behind Mb Bamba or as a second behind Nikola Vucevic, wrote recently journalist Josh Robbins, who covers the activities of the Magic for The Athletic. It should be borne in mind that the Magic will play eight games over a period of 14 days, which would be exhausting in any circumstances. “

Birch, who is in his third campaign in the jersey of the Magic after having made a detour of a few seasons in Europe, had played in 40 matches, including 24 as a starter, when the pandemic broke out, with a rate of effectiveness in defensive 107,6 and registering a 2.8 rebounds per game.

Birch has been used for 13 minutes in a match out of the contest from June 22 against the Clippers, and even if his offensive game was not on point, according to the journalists on the spot, he seemed to be in excellent physical condition.

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