Battle horses and… hats! Moscow jumps in detail (PHOTOS)

On the Day Russia celebrated equestrian sport lovers. At the Moscow Hippodrome were horse races for the prize of the President. Especially for them was prepared for girls. According to tradition, they came to the competition in elegant hats. For those who forgot or don’t have time to buy the main attribute, hats sold directly to the racetrack.

The hats were different with feathers and flowers, huge and very small. Prices – from one to 25 thousand rubles. But most of the ladies still prepared. Guests in the VIP sector was a must and dress code: for gentlemen – tie for ladies – dresses and skirts just below the knee.

This year for the main prize fought 10 horses. The program was listed in 11 races with a total prize Fund of 30 million rubles. Recall racing for the prize of the President of Russia have been held since 2004. And the Moscow Hippodrome, founded in 1834-m. For the first jumps here watched Nicholas I.