BD “13th avenue”: Geneviève Pettersen winner of a Prize of booksellers

BD «13e avenue»: Geneviève Pettersen lauréate d'un Prix des libraires

The writer Geneviève Pettersen is part of the group of winners of the most recent Prix des libraires du Québec, youth component. His history of the first volume of the “13th avenue” stood out in the category COMIC here.

The facilitator of the issuance of the QUB radio “The Shameless”, and author of the novel “The goddess of the flies fire,” which will be brought to the cinema later this year, sharing this honor with illustrator François Vigneault,

“13th avenue” tells the story of the life of Alexis, a boy who leaves his native Saguenay region with his mother to go and live in Montreal. In order to facilitate its integration in the big city, he befriends Ernest, a neighbor at the top, a shy boy that nobody notices.

Still regarding Quebec, Maude Nepveu-Villeneuve and Sandra Dumais were rewarded for “Simone under the brambles”, a work for children zero to five years. Jacques Goldstyn has seen his talent to be a time of plius pointed out with his book “The stars”, designed for children six to 11 years of age. It is Véronique Drouin, because of the release of “River-to-Deer-White”, which accepted the distinction which the target audience is 12 to 17 years of age.

From outside of Quebec, the works “Superlumineuse” Ian De Haes, “We’re here to do: some Notes about the life on planet Earth” signed Oliver Jeffers, “Nevermoor T. 1: The challenges of Morrigane Crow” created by Jessica Townsend and “A summer of hell!” created by Vera Brosgol have also all been praised.

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