Be kind to strangers: It is good for health

Будьте добрее к незнакомцам: Это полезно для здоровья

Acts of kindness even from strangers positively affect the health

Будьте добрее к незнакомцам: Это полезно для здоровья

If every day feels that he is loved, it makes it more healthy, happy and self-sufficient. But love does not have to only come from romantic partners, experts say.

Scientists from Penn Medicine in the US found that small ordinary manifestation of a friendly relationship from strangers, colleagues and friends are a powerful means of self-esteem and strengthen health. Human: ask about how things, to help him lift the bag, send hilarious text messages – all this gave us the feeling that we are loved.

Because these symptoms are quite often unexpected, they occur in different moments of the day and come from different people, and therefore have a more powerful overall impact on our health than one channel of love from one person. In the course of his research, published StudyFinds, the researchers conducted several observations of how human emotions change throughout the day depending on contact with other people.

“We used a broad approach to how to evaluate the very understanding of love, says associate Professor Oravec Zita (Zita Oravecz), co-author of the study. – The daily love – a conceptual a broader concept than romantic love. In all these moments of our lives we are faced with a certain resonance with some man. For example, if you talk to the neighbors, and they Express concerns about your health, you implicitly feel their care and love, and it positively affects overall health”.

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