Be more productive at home

Être plus productif à la maison

Q : How do I plan my day to be more productive ?

R : Working from home is not an easy thing. The possibilities of distractions are numerous, especially when spouses and children are in the background. Here are a few solutions.

Shape your schedule

Many are those who shape their schedules around children, especially when they are very young. They are working and of 5 h or 6 h until the family lunch, during naps or between 20 pm and midnight. Several adore these times fragmented, others reproduce the 9-to-5. To you to adopt the appropriate formula.

Appointment family

Create appointments family daily at fixed times : activities start and the end of the morning or afternoon, meals, stories before bedtime… Write them in your calendar, and view them in the fridge, just like your beaches work, which must in turn be respected by the other members of the family.

Working ranges

Are you a sprinter or a marathoner ? The sprinter is tape of the sessions intense and short breaks. The marathon runner, stretches her work for several hours without interruption. A solution semi-detached : the pomodoro technique. Use a timer and work in ranges of 25 to 50 minutes, take a 10 minute break away from the screens, repeat ; to evaluate your performance at the end of the day. (info :

No multitasking

The experts are formal : perform more than two tasks at the same time decreases your productivity. A spaghetti sauce in fine-tuning an analysis on Excel, it works half. Better : remove your alerts, email, Messenger, social networks…

Set goals

Use apps of to-do lists and stick to them. Organize your goals by priority and deadlines are realistic. Go first to the objectives that you open the most. Otherwise, get rid of those that can be achieved quickly : you bubble and your sense of relief or accomplishment.

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