Be on the front line with young triplets

Être sur la ligne de front avec de jeunes triplés

Two doctors in montreal can count on their triplets four years to sometimes forget, just for a brief moment, they are on the front line of a global pandemic.

The cardiologist Patrick Garceau, and his wife, the gynecologist Violaine Marcoux are coming to the top of the wave of the COVID-19 with a certain anxiety.

“Both personally and professionally, it is something that one has never seen and will never see again. This is to prepare for a tsunami, and does not have the right to hide, ” said Ms. Marcoux, who is gynecologist at the jewish general Hospital of Montreal, in addition to being president of the Association of obstetricians and gynecologists of Quebec.

The two doctors were successful again this week to be the home for 19 h in the evening, question, read stories and put to bed their triplets of four years : Emily, Frédérique and Anne-Sophie.

“Layer three 4-year-olds alone, in good French, it is the job. With three little girls who love, love, love, that change of bed, who will kiss their sisters….”, jokes, Patrick Garceau, who works at the Institute of cardiology of Montreal, which serves mainly to relieve the other hospitals, in terms of essential care.


They hold on to these moments with their girls, during which they change their ideas.

“I wake up thinking about [the covid-19], and I go to bed thinking about it. I try to devote the little time I have with my children not to think of it, but it is really a mental exercise. They deserve that I give them this time because this is not their fault if there is this disaster out there, ” says Ms. Marcoux.

The mother, 43-year-old feels empathy for the patients who must give birth without their spouse, a harsh reality that hits only the jewish general hospital, which is the first designated centre for the treatment of the covid-19 in Montreal.

“These are decisions absolutely heart-wrenching. There’s nobody who wants to be put in a situation like this, ” she says, claiming to have to trust the managers of the hospital, make choices for the care as safe as possible.

The couple stressed that the health network is currently working in the same direction, to reduce to the maximum the damages of the covid-19.

“On the field, I think the people are ready. Anxious, but ready, ” says cardiologist Patrick Garceau, of the Montreal heart Institute.

The balance is still in their home, and they will see in the next few weeks if they need to do to keep the children in the event that they are both overloaded to the point of having to delegate more.

Gloves, gowns and masks

The management of the medical equipment causes some anxiety in the two doctors, who don’t want to waste in a time where each glove and mask is precious.

Dr. Marcoux and Garceau don’t see more patients than normal now, except that the protocols are much heavier and that everything is managed at the quarter turn.

“I am not accustomed to think of the pair of gloves that I take. And if my general surgeon was needed to deal with something in two weeks? Is it that I have contaminated a pair of gloves too ? “shows Mrs. Marcoux.

This last has also a whole system for not reducing the covid-19 to the house, in Town of Mount Royal. She completely changes when she arrives at the hospital, and covers all her hair for the day.

She has a routine reverse for the evening.

“I sanitizes hands before, after. I wash my badge. There is a order in which I do things to try not to recontamination. I spare my shoes, I spare my bottom. My coat has never left my car,” she explains.

For Mr. Garceau, the heart Institute, each case is considered suspicious until proven otherwise, because of the transmission community.

Generally, one of the two manages to finish early enough to go get the triplets to daycare.

The couple has the help of a sitter on the hour of the supper, and it is the routine of bath and story before bedtime. Small fold to 19 h, and usually, both parents are at home.

When the small ones are lying down, Ms. Marcoux often takes the work to the Association of obstetricians and gynecologists of Quebec, until 23h in the evening.

During this time, Mr. Garceau watch over the children. He has been head of the department there are two-three years, but the couple has also taken a decision to allow a family life.

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