Beautiful men’s “over 50”, which became a star Instagram (PHOTO)

They are changing the idea of “old age”.

Some men like brandy – with age they only get better. Men, pictures of which are collected in this overview are over 50, but they do not think about old age. These gray-haired macho sports that have become icons of style, just do not dare to call “grandpa”. Moreover, many of them started their modeling career already at a very Mature age, reports the with reference to Cultural studies.

1. Anthony Verrecchia (Anthony Varrecchia), 55 years

Gray hair and athletic figure as the guarantor of the army of fans.

2. Eric Rutherford (Eric Rutherford), 50 years

After a successful career in the modeling industry, Eric decided to test his hand at film and became a producer.

3. Thomas Pescod (Thomas Pescod), 52 years

In addition to working a professional model, Thomas tried his hand at acting, starring in several films.

4. Mark RAE (Mark Reay), 59 years

American fashion photographer, model and actor loves to travel in his spare time.

5. Ron Jack Foley (Jack Foley Ron), 51 years

This canadian Professor with a magnificent beard only recently became a model, and successfully conquers the business model.

6. Brad welling (Brad Welling), 57 years

After the birth of a daughter dad is the lawyer on a personal example showed that age is no obstacle new challenges and became a successful model.

7. Anton Nilsson (Anton Nilsson), 54 years

The real age of this professional model issue is that gray hair.

8. Guillermo Zapata (Guillermo Zapata), 50 years

Professional actor and model is engaged in restaurant business.

9. Seth Andrew silver (Seth Andrew Silver), 51 years

Professional tattoo artist, model and designer with a pirate name enjoys motorcycles.

10. Irvin Randle (Randle Irvin), 56 years

American teacher and model famous for his stylish photos in Instagram.

11. Will Willits (Will Willitts), more than 50 years

Australian actor and model keep in shape through yoga.

12. Andreas von Tempelhoff (Andreas Von Tempelhoff), 58 years

Andreas is a professional photographer who also works in the modeling business.

13. Andre van Noord (Van Noord Andre), 54 years

A successful actor and a supermodel from the Netherlands, to whom fame has come together with age.

14. Ben Descre (Ben Desombre), age 50+

French male, working as a model, remembered primarily for his gray hair, which is called “salt and pepper”.

15. Jeremy Lee (Jeremy Lea), 53 years

Actor and professional model, who has been cooperating with many famous brands.

16. The Gianluca Vacca (Gianluca Vacchi), 50 years

Italian rich man became known after the publication of the video with incendiary dance, after which he received the nickname “the dancing billionaire.”

17. Paul Mason (Paul Mason), 54 years

Age does not prevent the canadian Mason work demanded by the model.

18. Nick Wooster (Nick Wooster), 57 years

Owner of a chain of fashion stores among other things is a streetstyle icon and a successful designer.

19. Laurent de Monsey (Laurent De Moncey), 52 years

Laurent works as a model in France and its popularity is increasing.

20. Wang Deshun (Wang Deshun), 82 years

After a long and successful acting career, Mr. Wang has acquired an impressive title with a sultry grandfather of China!

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