Beautiful objects listed in the UNESCO list in 2018 (PHOTO)

Красивейшие объекты, занесенные в список ЮНЕСКО в 2018 году (ФОТО)

They should see with their own eyes.

The world heritage list of UNESCO is a source of inspiration, goals, and plans new routes. A meeting of the world heritage Committee of 2018 was held in Bahrain. The list was supplemented with 19-th of amazing archaeological finds, examples of the industrial urban landscape and striking beauty of natural monuments, reports the with reference to

The first list was published in 1978 and included 12 cultural and natural monuments, among which were the Galapagos Islands and Quito (Ecuador) historic centre of Krakow and two salt mines (Poland) and national parks of Yellowstone and Mesa Verde (USA). Now these objects for more than a thousand.

Ivrea, Piedmont. Italy

Красивейшие объекты, занесенные в список ЮНЕСКО в 2018 году (ФОТО)

Research centre for Olivetti, South facade

Surprisingly, in the list of UNESCO included as Ivrea industrial city of the twentieth-century. Here was the headquarters and plant of the company Olivetti, a manufacturer of typewriters, mechanical calculators and desktop computers.

About this period the history of the city tells the Olivetti Study and Research Centre. The tourist route of about 2 km that leads between the former factory buildings. To see typewriters, calculating machines, calculators and computers and to get acquainted with the production technology and in the Museum laboratory Tecnologic@mente.

Ivrea attracts tourists not only by the history of the twentieth-century. The city flourished in different periods since Roman times and has kept the cultural traditions and monuments of Roman amphitheat, a 14th-century castle, the Cathedral and the Bishop’s Palace with a millennial history.

In February, there is carnival, the main event of “Battle of oranges”. Hundreds of tons of oranges are thrown on participants in 9 teams, sometimes it gets to the audience.

How to get there: Via Turin or Milan by bus, train or car. Milan – UIA and Ernest

The Palace city of Madina Al-Zahra. Spain

Красивейшие объекты, занесенные в список ЮНЕСКО в 2018 году (ФОТО)

House Afara. Input 2

Madina Al-Zahra – a monument to the disappeared of Western Islamic civilization of al-Andalus. In the beginning of XX century discovered the ruins of the city, which was looted during the civil war 1009-1010. a Beautiful legend says that the Caliph Abd al-Rahman III decided to build a city-Palace in honor of his beloved, named Azahari. Studies indicate a more pragmatic version of the construction of Madina – approve the independent Western Caliphate as a powerful and influential Kingdom in medieval Europe.

Tourists come here to see destroyed, but the beautiful palaces, decorated with floral ornaments, carving and modeling; roads; bridges and the remains of the irrigation system.

How to get there: Madina AZ-Zahra is located 8 km from córdoba. Buses run every day except Monday. In Cordoba can be reached from Seville, Malaga or Madrid by train or bus. To Madrid from Ukraine airlines flying MAU.

Göbekli Tepe. Turkey

Красивейшие объекты, занесенные в список ЮНЕСКО в 2018 году (ФОТО)

Five levels of huge monolithic columns of rough stone carved with the footprints of wild animals and mosaic floors make up the temple complex. UNESCO believes that the construction gives insight into the art and beliefs of the peoples living on the territory of Upper Mesopotamia, about 11 500 years ago.

Located in South Eastern Anatolia region 60 km from the border with Syria, and therefore it is hard achievable for travelers.

The chaîne des Puys and the rift Liman’. France

Красивейшие объекты, занесенные в список ЮНЕСКО в 2018 году (ФОТО)

The chaîne des Puys annually to 500 thousand tourists. At the volcano Puy-de-dome with a height of 1465 m rises panoramic railway. To the top of this volcano is one of the stages of the Cycling race Tour de France. The whole chain of 80 volcanoes can be seen in good weather from the observation deck on top of the Puy de dôme.

How to get there: From Paris by train or plane to Clermont-Ferrand, continue on the car. Or join a group tour.

Fanjingshan. China

Красивейшие объекты, занесенные в список ЮНЕСКО в 2018 году (ФОТО)

A waterfall of clouds

Fanjingshan national nature reserve, UNESCO named the island of metamorphic rocks in the karst of the sea. Here are preserved rare and even unique species of plants and animals. Mount Fanjing the Golden monkey, Tibetan macaque, clouded leopards and black bears.

Victorian Gothic and art Deco in Mumbai. India

Красивейшие объекты, занесенные в список ЮНЕСКО в 2018 году (ФОТО)

A game of cricket against the background of Victorian Gothic and art Deco in Mumbai

Building around the area with almost native to us with the name of the Oval Maidan. Here all day to train and play cricket professional athletes and Amateurs, as if supporting the Victorian surroundings of the surrounding buildings.

The cocktail fashionable in Britain in the late 19th century Victorian neo-Gothic style and “art Deco” that seized Europe in the beginning of XX-th local Indian flavor, has evolved into a unique style, which he called the “Indo-Deco”. Mumbai has been called the greatest architectural monument of the colonial era on the planet.

How to get there: Several airlines offer flights to Mumbai from Kiev with 1 docking.

Pimachiowin Aki. Canada

Красивейшие объекты, занесенные в список ЮНЕСКО в 2018 году (ФОТО)

Pimachiowin Aki – “the Land that gives life” – a national Park in Canada. Here in may coming off the ice and spring begins. The terrain crossed by rivers and covered with lakes.

Here you will spend weeks to travel by canoe among the Islands inhabited by birds, and not to meet people. Or meet anishinabeg – local indigenous people living by fishing, hunting and gathering.

National Park Chiribiquete. Colombia

Красивейшие объекты, занесенные в список ЮНЕСКО в 2018 году (ФОТО)

Monkey Howler in front of ancient rock paintings in Chiribiquete

Murals painted about 20 thousand years BC, cover the walls 60 of rocky caves and depict hunting scenes, battles, dances and ceremonies. Chiribiquete for many centuries was isolated from civilization and is not subjected to colonization. For Amazonian Indians is the most sacred place.

For tourists, this area is not available. But this is only one of the 59 nature parks of Colombia, so there are plenty to choose.

Sansa, Buddhist monasteries. Korea

Красивейшие объекты, занесенные в список ЮНЕСКО в 2018 году (ФОТО)

Bapus temple, the Hall of Eight pictures

Sansa monasteries isolated from the world by natural barriers – mountains, streams and ravines. Arising from the 7th to 9th century monasteries operate today. Some of them allow you to touch Buddhist tradition for everyone to spend the night in a monastic cell, and the morning in prayer and meditation.

Seven churches included in the world heritage list, located in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.

The landscape of the Sasanian Fars. Iran

Красивейшие объекты, занесенные в список ЮНЕСКО в 2018 году (ФОТО)

The local archaeological findings during the 3-7 centuries ad – the remnants of cities with huge bas-reliefs, palaces, defensive structures of the Sasanian Empire. According to UNESCO, the objects illustrate the influence of Achaemenid and Parthian cultural traditions and Roman art the architecture and artistic styles of Islamic period.

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