Became known cause of death of actress Irina Zybina

Стала известна причина смерти актрисы Ирины Цывиной

The widow of Eugene Evstigneeva actress Irina Zybina, who died in the night of April 18, died from cardiomyopathy, writes “StarHit”.

This pathology of the cardiac muscle may occur as a result of autoimmune diseases and severe infections, and as a result of alcohol abuse.

55-year-old artist died at home in her sleep, while in health she never complained. Relatives, for whom the news was a surprise, can not find explanation.

Recently Zybina almost not invited to act in films and participate in theatrical productions because of the age. According to some, she is addicted to alcohol, and her partner Denis Serdyukov did not attempt to free women from dependence.

According to a friend of Ksenia Hairboy, Zybina considered the possibility to leave the monastery and shortly before his death, went to the temple to receive Holy communion.

Irina Zybina known for such series as “kadetstvo”, “ol”, “Police Rublyovka”, “Daddy’s girls”, “Petrovka, 38”, and others.